Monday, 22 May 2017

Interesting inversion

In the UK muslims are concentrated in city centers (eg in London) and the the centers of various northern towns. In France it is different: the muslims occupy the suburbs while "while flight" has been towards to the center of the city, ie the center of Paris, Marseilles, Nice etc. This means the native French are trapped in smaller areas than the native British. In the UK the whites live on the outskirts and so have room to expand, while the French middle classes are compressed into ever smaller spaces, or must the abandon the cities altogether.

Now for the first time, a section of central Paris has become islamified. The 18th arrondissement is no longer safe for white women - day or night. (Link). Muslims have now occupied a zone of the French capital city. 

There are of course a thousand or so islamic no-go zones in France outside Paris. The significant change is that muslims have crossed the Périphérique, the ring road that divides the architecturally significant old city and the Croydon-like excrescence beyond, and taken up residence in the heart of the the city.

Another wire has been tripped.

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