Monday, 8 May 2017

Past, present and future

Sadly, Marine Le Pen has failed by quite a margin to be elected President of the 5th Republic. Some guy called Macron who had never held elected office before was voted in instead in a typical Obama style fix in which the “bankers” plucked an unknown from obscurity and sold him to a gullible Left via the media they own. So France remains in the globalist grip, at least for now. 

Some say Marine will fight on and could be president in 2022, however she has a very popular niece, Marion, who could displace her just as she displaced her father. Marion was elected France’s youngest ever MP aged only 22. In five years she could be France’s youngest ever president, aged 32. This pleases a lot of people because Marion is harder-line than Marine, much more like her grandfather Jean-Marie, founder of the National Front.

Jean-Marie le Pen: The Past
Marine le Pen: The Present
Marion le Pen: The Future
This side of the Channel the news is better. Theresa May is on-course for a substantial majority in the June 8th general election with two factors putting wind in her sails. First, she’s a woman, and a surprising number of women will vote for a women because she is a women. Not very logical that, but all votes count.

Theresa May: Past, Present and Future
And second, most people are taking the view that this is not a normal election where you pick who you want to govern the country, because of Brexit it’s more like wartime where you have a national unity government. This is not unreasonable. The stronger Theresa May is, the better the deal we will get from the EU. If May is crippled by dissent at home while trying to be strong abroad the resultant deal could be so bad the UK would suffer for decades to come.

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