Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Why do whites tolerate other races?

The question of why whites tolerate, indeed are even welcoming to other races is frequently asked in alt-Right circles. Even luminaries of the movement profess themselves baffled. Why, they ask, is the white race so accepting of the entry of others into their lands; so keen to integrate them; so willing to provide advantages and preferences not even available to other whites?

These same luminaries note that this welcome is never reciprocated; immigrants are not invited into Japan, or China, or India or the Arabian states, or Africa. And yet these peoples when moving into the West are welcomed, housing found, preferential education and employment opportunities are made available.

The alt-Right rails against the generosity of their fellow whites and is quite unable to understand it. The alt-Right considers it a strange and fatal flaw in the make-up of the white person, that they knowingly take into their midst alien people who will ultimately, by faster breeding if nothing more violent, replace them. And they glory in this replacement. No other race is so self-destructive – the situation is puzzling.

Be baffled no more, fellow alt-Rights, the answer to why is below (but not a cure.)

It’s an answer we need to sneak up on. We need to start with the r/K-selective breeding strategies. Consider these extremes: each time a male jellyfish mates with a female jellyfish they make a million young. They do this by a round-about way involving larva which clone themselves and turn into polyps which attach themselves to rocks for years until eventually turning into medusae which swim off looking for mates to complete the circle. This is “r” or rapid breeding.

At the other end of the spectrum we have elephants. The female gestates for two years and then parents a “litter” of one calf for another three years. So, she makes one baby every five years, perhaps having a total of six offspring during her life. This is “K” or slow breeding. The K stands for a constant population size, the lowest possible breeding rate for any species not imminently extinct. The reason it is not called C is because of the Germanic influence on mathematics. K is the far end of the spectrum beyond which no species can survive.

Intrinsic to r-selection is making many babies which the parent barely looks after; in the case of the jellyfish, it never even meets its children. The K-selected animal makes few babies but lavishes attention on each. The net result is both species bring the same number of offspring to breeding age (in theory, elephants are endangered and jellyfish are a plague – but that is human doing.)

It is important to realize that neither strategy is right or wrong. There is a different optimum somewhere between the “r” and “K” extremes for every ecological niche. If you were to tell the jellyfish they were wrong and irresponsible to make so many babies they would retort (if they had a brain) they have been around since before the dinosaurs and you have not.

Let us consider how this applies to humans. Clearly, we are up there with the elephants, near the K end of the spectrum. Few animals are more K than us; elephants yes, the blue whale – probably. We don’t know much about them. The “wild” human female might make 10 babies in a lifetime.

Next consider the races of humanity. How do they place themselves on the spectrum? For sake of simplicity I will refer to the races of our species using colour coding. It should be obvious that blacks make a lot of babies, browns also make a lot of babies, yellows are inclined to make a lot of babies, although fewer than the blacks and browns. The yellow situation is complicated by the recent one-child policy in China and the economic situation in Japan. The yellow norm is more babies than they currently make. It also interesting to note, as an aside, that there is no hard link between IQ and rK selection. Yes, the jellyfish is literally brainless, but the Chinese and Japanese are cleverer than whites, and the fast breeding Ashkenazi Jews are streets ahead in brain power and baby-making.

There is a correlation with size: generally, the bigger the creature the more K-selected it is, but this is not hard and fast. Jellyfish can be bigger than humans.

Whites are therefore the most K-selected of the races. We make the fewest babies but tend the ones we make the most. In fact, we are beyond the “K” boundary and not breeding at replacement rate. White women produce 1.6 babies on average. That is not enough to continue the race. It needs to be 2.0 minimum. Our kind will be extinct in a trivially short period, evolutionarily speaking.

Next consider how the different social classes spread themselves on the spectrum within the white race. Who makes the most babies; who the fewest?

The answer, pretty obviously, is that the higher up the social totem pole a person is, the fewer babies they make. This is a logical extension of the K-strategy. Dividing your resources between fewer offspring makes sense if you have significant resources. If your children are going out into the world with only the clothes on their back, then have more children – clothes are cheap.

Though, in fact, there is a slight inversion of this at the top end of society. The middle class have fewer children than the working class, but the genuinely rich can afford big houses and servants and have more children. At the top end of the middle class parents consider if they can give each child their own bedroom and a private education.

What this boils down to is, a white middle class person is (more or less) in the most K-selected class, of the most K-selected race, of the most K-selected species, on Earth.

Lastly consider the differences between men and woman. Strictly speaking both have, on average, exactly the same number of children – each child having both a mother and a father – so the sexes could be placed at the same location on the r-K spectrum. However, male and female attitudes are different because any given man could have far more children than any given woman. A woman has a realistic baby limit of about 20 but a man could father thousands. In practice, neither will approach their potential, but the theoretical possibility none-the-less affects where they feel themselves to be on the spectrum.

Women should be considered more K-selected than men.

Of course, I have not explained why white people tolerate other races yet. But we’re getting there.

Consider what character attributes a creature employing the K-selection reproductive method must develop. Such a creature must be caring, prudent, forward-looking, alert to danger, nurturing and must develop a strange neurotic bifurcated personality.

This last needs explaining as it is not obvious. Imagine a mother has a 7-year-old son. She is trying to teach the son an important life-skill. What, is not important, maybe riding a bicycle. The boy falls off repeatedly. The boy says, “I’m too small – I can’t do this.”

The mother thinks: yes, he is too small, but what she says is, “Keep trying son, you’ll soon manage it.”

The external encouragement the mother provides is diametrically opposite to her internal thoughts because her future is invested in her child. Any K-selected adult would instinctively shy away from discouraging a child. “You’re too small or young – stop trying,” is never what we tell our children.

And the teaching and nurturing instinct is so ingrained in us that other races who live among us also benefit from it. They get the encouragement, the preferential treatment, the consideration we are designed to give our children. They even get the ultimate privilege of being allowed to replace us – as we would expect our children to do.

But they are not our children. They are cuckoos masquerading as our children. Of course, they don’t know it. Most of us don’t know it. They just take what is offered (in the alt-Right parlance, the “gibs”) because why wouldn’t they. And the gibs are as much social as physical: opportunity, preferences, acceptance – as well as the money, housing, healthcare. No-one can blame them for taking what is proffered.

It has not always been this way. Five hundred years ago, whites made more babies than today. This was mainly because the social structure was skewed towards the bottom. The peasants bred and the nobs were careful – the eldest son would inherit the title and land, the next would join the army. More than that would leave surplus men with no obvious role.

Note that K-selection among the upper classes of many societies was encouraged by steering surplus boys into celibate institutions. In fact, in the middle ages monasteries were open to all men, at all times. Any man willing to commit to celibacy could have his roof and meals assured at no cost (save his labour.)

And this ends the story. It would do no good to tell the middle-class lady SJW immigrants are not your children and like your cats they will eventually eat you (unlike the cats, only metaphorically.) The maternal instinct is too strong to be broken with mere logic. In fact, the more helpless the immigrant is, the more the parenting instinct steps in to protect and provide, to encourage and hush any dissenting nay-sayers.

Ironically, but understandably, those immigrants who arrive and thrive and need no help are of little interest. They do not present as children and don’t get the gibs. Unfortunately immigrants are not children - even most of the ones claiming to be - they will never grow up; they will always need, and so be given.

All that remains to be explained is why the alt-Right has not fallen for the deception. Well, the alt-Right is mainly male and so more r-selected and thus less nurturing. There are women in the alt-Right, but they are considerably more intelligent than the average woman so brains have overridden instinct. I suspect such woman mainly also have close connections with white children, either their own, or nieces and nephews, or even the white children they intend to have in the future (this works emotionally) and so see the invaders as threats to these children rather than children to be nurtured themselves.

But a childless middle-aged white SJW lady with no white children in her life is a lost cause. The cats aren’t going to be enough.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your article.
I'd like to just clarify what you are trying to say.
Humans are very K selective. And as a result Childless women express their unfulfilled motherly instincts towards immigrants. This is due to their need for protection and permanent nurturing.

Nationalist said...

Basically yes, but not just childless white women, most left-wing white people treat visible minority immigrants as children and make allowances and give pocket-money.

Successful or white immigrants don't seem like children so don't gain the benefits.