Monday, 5 June 2017

Why does the Left pander to Islam?

Two weeks ago, in Manchester, a muslim terrorist detonated a suicide vest and killed 23 people and injured another 119. Last weekend, three muslim terrorists drove a van along London Bridge mowing down pedestrians and then ran amok in the local area with machetes, killing 7 people and injuring another 48. (The London Bridge attackers killed and wounded fewer people than in Manchester, but - fear not - during the month of Ramadan martyrdom counts double, says the Qu’ran.)

As is usual in these circumstances, public figures were swift to announce that the Islamic community was in no way to blame and the terrorists were not true adherents to the faith but rather confused individuals who had deviated a long way from true Islam – the Religion of Peace.

However, there were no demonstrations by Islamic organisations against the acts of terrorism. (Excluding a fake one orchestrated by CNN.)

Swiftly on our screens we saw politicians reassuring us that an overwhelming majority of muslims abhor violence.

The stats are slightly against this. Yes, a majority of muslims do reject the imposition of sharia by force, but not an overwhelming majority, probably about 80%; leaving 20% who do support violence, which is a disturbingly large number. Consider that MI5 have 23,000 jihadis on their watch list and had assessed Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber, and decided he was not high enough up the extremism scale to merit personal attention.

Clearly on the Right, Islam is castigated. There are calls from everyone from Pamela Gellar to Richard Spencer (both banned from the UK by Theresa May while she was Home Secretary) to enact a tough solution on Islam – generally requiring them to leave the West and stick to blowing up their own kind in their own countries.

But the Left is soft and apologetic, as it always has been with terrorism. Jeremy Corbyn refused to condemn the IRA when they were the ones blowing up London in the 1980s. (The IRA always phoned in a warning before the bomb went off, so the damage was greater but the causalities fewer.)

So why do the Left appease?

Well, there are two reasons.

First is the nature of the Left itself. The Left is formed of individuals of little intrinsic merit. Most of them have never had a proper job. Corbyn, for example, took to far Left politics after failing his exams at his private school (yes, privileged background) and not getting into University. His is a common story: brought up with all the advantages money can buy, failed to achieve anything, so decided the system was at fault and tries to destroy it.

Such people actually fail because they are weak in mind and body. (Research has shown that left-wing people are physically weaker than right-wing people, and footage of the alt-Right vs anti-fa at numerous demos shows Anti-fa need a many-to-one advantage in physical combat.) The Left are simply losers-at-life (as Donald Trump recently tweeted) who fail because they are neither gifted nor hardworking – either of which would likely bring success.

In this category Diane Abbot, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown also come to mind. None of them could earn an honest living and they are frightened and jealous of those who can.

What the Left cannot allow to happen is for society to become militant. The Left only has any social status in a totally supine society which just accepts aggression because they themselves have no strength of mind or body. They want us all to be losers together, rather than them be losers and the rest of us to be winners.

To paraphrase a well-known saying: when the going gets tough, the weak get left behind.

The Left don’t want their spurious status removed, and their inadequacies laid bare for all to see, so they prevent any conflict from starting in the first place by arguing for surrender.

However, I did say there are two reasons. There is another player on the field: the globalists.

The globalists have an agenda which is instinctive to them. They see a united white society as threatening to them and they do everything in their power to disunite us. They do not want us to be masters in our own land – they want a diverse mix of groups competing. They want the muslims to have as much power as the whites currently have. They want us to be so busy fending off Islam that we have no time or energy to think about them. In our downfall lies their profit. They play all sides all the time.

Naturally the globalists are much more pro-Islam than pro any other ethnic group. Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, etc do not threaten white society – they genuinely want to join it. Muslims want to destroy it. So globalists favour Islam.

This brings the Left and the globalists into an un-Holy alliance. Of course the Left are too stupid to realise any of this, but that does not matter to the globalists: the globalists lead and the Left, thick as ever, follow.

Who are the globalists? You know who they are.

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