Friday, 26 January 2018

It's time to re-colonize South Africa

The Republic of South Africa was granted independence from Great Britain by the South Africa Act 1909. It is now time to repeal that Act and bring southern Africa back under colonial administration.

Ever since the white South Africans voted for universal suffrage in 1994 and handed over their country to black rule, it has been going down hill. While Nelson Mandela was alive the worse excesses of black violence were kept in check, not by Mandela himself, but by the focus of the world being on Mandela. The ANC government was under close observation by the international community and felt constrained from anything too drastic.

But since Mandela's death, the muzzle has come off and the ANC has been vocal in its anti-white rhetoric. They want whites' property taken from them; especially farm land. The very poor black population has totally believed the "whites are to blame for all your problems" mindset pushed by their corrupt leaders and farm attacks now number in the thousands per year - almost thousands per farm per year in some places.

Black-on-white crime is characterized by extreme brutality, because it is as much about revenge for past imaginary injustice, as stealing things. It usually consists of rape, mutilation and murder - not necessarily in that order. The perpetrators were probably not born back in the apartheid days, but they still believe the oppression narrative.

There are about five million whites still living in South Africa. One million of them are destitute, jobless and homeless, and living in squatter camps. Whites now find it very difficult to get jobs because companies are not allowed to employ them except in an eight-to-one ratio with blacks. In practice, to have a job in South Africa, a white must be self-employed; ideally working remotely for a foreign company and earning dollars or pounds. The rand has collapsed to a tenth of its high-watermark value.

However, despite endorsing white genocide, the South African goverment does not want the whites to leave. National stability requires a group to blame. Blaming the whites stops the many  black tribes which inhabit South Africa from fighting each other. It is quite predicable that if the whites ever left, the country would descend into tribal civil war and essentially revert to the Stone Age. It would become one of the sh*thole countries President Trump spoke about recently.

The other reason the government wants the whites to stay, is that the four million of them who do have jobs, are the taxpayers.

When it took over in 1994, the black government looted the country by selling off its assets: aircraft from the air force; public utilities, land, etc. A lot of these were bought by China. But the country is pretty much fully looted now. The remaining whites are financing the whole show.

So the unstated policy of the black government is to keep the whites; milking them for money, and blaming them for all woes to keep the anger off themselves. They want the whites to stay until they are all dead.

The plight of South African whites has been well known to the Right for years now, but the mainstream media doesn't cover it, so the general population in the West is largely unaware. But right now there are two high profile "alt-right" journalists in South Africa - Katie Hopkins and Lauren Southern. See YouTube reports from them here:

After watching those videos it should be clear that whites in South Africa don't have long to live.

To save them we can do one or both of two things. One, give all white South Africans a western password and enough money to get here, or two, deploy a military force onto the continent to secure a safe zone for whites.

This blog favours doing both. Grant UK or US passports to give the white South Africans mental security, the knowledge that if it all goes wrong there is a way out - for all of them, all ages, all education levels. (The young well-educated can already get out but they are not going to leave behind their old folks.)

But also, it is now time to repeal South African independence and put a military force into the Cape Provence. Use a small secured area, centered on Cape Town, to build a local white militia, with massive white unemployment this should not be hard. Then use the locally hired army to push north, possibly up into Zimbabwe - another failed state.

Ideally, the intervention would rapidly become self-financing as farmland was restored to its rightful white owners and the enormous natural wealth of the land became exploitable.

This is what it will take to save five million white lives.


Anonymous said...

I fully support your desire to recolonize South Africa, but I think we need it for another reason, the UK desperately needs to reintroduce transportation and needs somewhere to deport all the muslim and black filth that has destroyed our country. Send them packing I say, and South Africa has a lovely climate, for when they are not working in the mines :)

Nationalist said...

LOL, but I wouldn't do that to South Africa. It would be unfair on them. Our legitimate involvement in SA is only to protect the white people. Deportations should be to the land of ethnic origin (generally not SA.)