Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Germany is rising

It looks like Germany has finally awoken; thousands of ordinary Germany citizens are now protesting at an impromptu street shrine to a carpenter who was killed by migrants from Syria and Iraq as he tried to protect a women from sexual assault in the city of Chemnitz, Saxony.

In their reporting, the BBC have abandoned all attempts to appear impartial and are arguing the case against the protestors, saying despite what people think immigration has fallen steeply since 2015. This is the old trick of picking a high-watermark and saying, "but it's down since then!" Being down from the million man invasion of 2015 is no consolation. The hoards which forced their way though Europe, kicking down border fences and commandeering trains, are still there - they have not been deported. So finally the German people are turning on their traitorous government which wants them replaced with an alien population.

The anti-immigration party, Alternativ fur Deutschland (AfD) is now second in the polls in Saxony.

Germany is always governed by coalitions, so even being the single largest party won't put them in power. But once they reach fifty percent, it's game over for the traitors.