Friday, 26 February 2010

Possible March General Election

If Gordon Brown were to present himself to Her Majesty this coming weekend he could have a General Election called by next week and done and dusted by the end of March.

Why would he want to do this?

Well, because...

1) The last quarter's GDP growth number has just been revised up from +0.1% to +0.3% which is quite flattering to the government, and unlikely to be repeated in future quarters due to all the special factors at play at the end of last year.

2) There is an awful lot of bad news due in April and a budget would have to be given, which would be a farce since everyone would know that it was a work of complete fiction.

3) The opinion polls aren't quite as bad as they have been in recent months. The Con-Lab gap is narrowing. "Dave" Cameron is being shown up rather a lot at the moment.

Brown is a ditherer; will he seize this moment?

Falkland Islands oil

Suddenly the Falklands are back on the radar. The British Geological Survey has indicated there may be as much as 60 billion barrels of oil under the sea bed in Falkland's waters.

Sixty billion barrels is worth about four-and-a-half trillion dollars at today's prices! That's enough to wipe out our national debt twice over and still have some change.

(Click to enlarge)

Desire Petroleum Plc has started exploratory drilling operations and this has provoked a squeal of protest from President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina (wife of former President Nestor Kirchner) who has complained to the UN and the USA.

President Kirchner: Prettier than Galtieri

The UN merely acknowledged Argentina's concerns and the American administration is playing it strictly neutral. Meanwhile the Royal Navy has been beefing up its presence in the South Atlantic and carrying out anti-invasion exercises.

The Falkland Islands also have a strategic role. They give the UK a stake in the Antarctic continent: home to 75 percent of the world's fresh water, 500 billion tons of coal and yet to be quantified other mineral reserves.

It should go without saying that $4.5 trillion is easily enough to fund a permanent carrier battle group in the vicinity of the Falklands. It's as just well the navy has two new aircraft carriers on order - perhaps those projects should be brought forward a little.

Desire Petroleum Plc
QE-class Aircraft carriers
Market Oracle

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Immigrants costing the taxpayer dear

Two tales of immigrants living off British taxpayers for you. First, here's Nimco Ibrahim...

Nimco Ibrahim: Takes home £1,000pcm of taxpayers' money, plus housing costs paid for by council.

Ibrahim, shown above with her 36'' TV, her high-speed broadband, a Playstation 3 and some pirated DVDs, has won a case at the European Court of Human Rights allowing her to remain in this country and live off benefits despite her being a Somali national with no rights in the UK. She is not British, her four children are not British. Her only claim to our largess is that she used to be married to another Somali who obtained a Danish passport and he used to work in the UK as a bus driver, before living on benefits in the UK when he gave up that job.

Ibrahim's children are in school in England and according to the ECHR that is sufficient to "anchor" her to the UK. Now, we the taxpayers, must support her and her brood for decades to come, probably the rest of her life if we're being realistic. Shamefully the British charity Shelter paid for Ibrahim's legal costs, possibly using your donations.

To cap it all the cheeky woman complains that her free house isn't big enough!

The second story is more generalised. This is Madhur Hussein, an Asian living in the West Midlands...

Hussein: sans hand, sans feet, sans eyes

Poor Mr Hussein suffers from type II diabetes and has lost one hand, two feet and his eyesight; a cause for sympathy you might think. Think again - type II diabetes is a lifestyle choice. Over-eating and under-exercising are the primary causes, and one in four of all Asians in this country has it. Mr Hussein is merely an exemplar of his kind.

The prevalence of diabetes in the white population is about one in four hundred!

The Asian population must be costing us a fortune in medical bills. On top of diabetes they also have a far greater propensity to congenital disease and disability due to persistent inbreeding (marrying cousins usually) and they are also more prone to rickets due to wearing inappropriate clothing; eg burkhas.

Any argument in favour of immigration should factor in these costs.

Daily Mail

Greece haemorrhaging cash

You have heard of a run on the bank? Well, a run on a whole country has started: the Greeks are sending their money abroad as fast as possible. Favoured destinations are Cyprus, Switzerland and Luxembourg, and the reason is simple: they expect currency controls to be imposed in conjunction with heavy taxation and they want their cash out before that happens.

About €8bn-€10bn is thought to have packed its bags and left. When you consider that banks typically lend 30x their deposits this means €300bn of available capital has drained from the system. The Greek GDP is only €340bn!

A lot of Greece's problems stem from the fact that taxation is largely optional, but now they are tightening the rules it looks like there will be no money left to tax.

Zero Hedge

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Greeks now quite stroppy

Tomorrow there will be a general strike in Greece aimed at closing every public service and grounding every aircraft. As a prelude the stock market in Athens has been picketed, although trading is continuing.

Athens: Stock market blockade

It's too early in the year for the strike to have a major disruptive effect but if it's the first of many we could be looking at a very harmful loss of tourist business by the summer.

The Greek people seem to think they are the victims of international bankers trying to profit from their misery, but really they only have themselves to blame: they lied to get into the euro and have been paying themselves more than they earn for decades. Chickens cannot be prevented from coming home to roost forever.


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Greco-German spat getting nasty

Latest news in whole Greek budget deficit saga...

Germany has just realised that Greece cheated when it applied to join the Euro. They got the investment bank Goldman Sachs to swap their debt for other financial paper so it would look like they were less indebted. Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “It’s a scandal if it turned out that the same banks that brought us to the brink of the abyss helped fake the statistics [...] Greece falsified statistics for years.”

Angela Merkel: Sold a pig in a poke and now hopping mad!

Meanwhile the Greeks have pressed the Big Red Button and mentioned the war!

"How does Germany have the cheek to denounce us over our finances when it has still not paid compensation for Greece's war victims? There are still Greeks weeping for their lost brothers," said Margaritis Tzimas, a former member of the Greek government.

Ouch! That's you told, Germany.

So much for the one big happy EU-family. Supposedly these people are all citizens of the same super-state (pace Lisbon Treaty) but the Euro is breaking up before our very eyes.


Video tape shortage in Dubai: all used up by Mossad death squad!

Meet the gang: that's 001 through 0011 - all licensed to kill!

002: I would!

The story so far, in case you haven't been keeping up, is that Gaza-born but Syrian-resident Palestinian terrorist Mahmoud Abdel Rauf al-Mabhouh travelled to Dubai in order to meet with Iranians to organise some more weapons to use against Israel and was murdered in his hotel room by Mossad spooks.

The above of course is conjecture, but it seems about right.

Al-Mabhouh was a pleasant fellow, well-liked by friends and family, since his teens he was a career murderer, blowing up shops, abducting and killing Israeli soldiers; never really had what you might call a proper job.

Al-Mabhouh: Knock, knock! Who's there?

Of course he knew that he was a marked man. He normally travelled with bodyguards but on this trip the plane was full and he had to leave them behind. (If Mossad "engineered" the plane "being full" then - respect!) On the 19th Jan 2010 he checked into the Rotana Hotel in Dubai and specified he wanted no balcony and sealed windows - can't be too careful!

Later the same day he was killed by the Mossad team.

Which is where you have you have start wondering at Mossad's commonsense. Eleven agents! (And there was a twelfth man, a fixer who left the scene before the murder.) Does it really take 11 agents for one murder? "M" would have expected 007 to handle one small murder on his tod. And these agents didn't meet in backrooms for covert planning sessions, no they had a control centre in Austria which they kept phoning every few minutes to find out what was going on. Nice, put your control centre in a European country with an efficient intelligence service, why not?

And then, the actual killing, a single bullet from a silenced pistol, a brief agonised look on the victim's face before he drops stone dead? Nope, they electrocuted-suffocated-strangled him to death! It sounds like it was mayhem in that hotel bedroom. I'm guessing they used tasers to stun Mr Al-Mabhouh and improvised with what they could find to perform the actual killing. Here's a pro tip guys: Walther PPK - works every time. All that messing around with pillows and kettle cords is just unseemly. There's also the barbiturate enema, but that's more CIA.

But none of that is the real story. No the real story is that all twelve of these Mossad 007s used false passports! And very cheekily some of them used false British passports. They also used false Irish, French and German passports, but that's not important. No, using false British passports is a very serious matter - Gordon Brown said so on the news last night.

Mossad often picks on Anglosphere nations when printing off false passports; Canadian is a perennial favourite. Why? Well they're Israelis. They speak Hebrew natively and English as a second language. They couldn't pass for Arab anywhere in the Arab world so they choose English-speaking nations. Amusingly they never pretend to be Americans, no Siree, if they did that Obama would stroke his white cat in the Oval Office and say, "No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!" (OK, actually if they pissed off the Americans the next consignment of complimentary F117s wouldn't have that nice pink gift wrap they like so much.)

So, to summarise, 12 agents charged around Dubai getting their faces on CCTV all over the place, they used false passports traceable back to Israel, they left a bigger trail than a herd of bison that have just seen a rattlesnake; they've pissed off a load of friendly nations and across the world their ambassadors are being called in for bollockings.

The whole operation was so completely amateurish that perhaps it wasn't Mossad after all!

Mahmoud Abdel Rauf al-Mabhouh
Rotana hotels
Walther PPK
Mossad homepage
Oval office
White cat

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

EU turns vicious on Greece

The EU has just stripped Greece of the right to vote in one meeting next month.

By itself that's not important, but it is illustrative of just how much power a country gives away when it signs the Lisbon Treaty. It gets worse. If Greece doesn't take steps to remedy its budget deficit the EU has the power simply to take over the economic running of the country.

Section 126.9 of the Lisbon Treaty says:

If a Member State persists in failing to put into practice the recommendations of the Council, the Council may decide to give notice to the Member State to take, within a specified time limit, measures for the deficit reduction which is judged necessary by the Council in order to remedy the situation.

In other words, if you don't follow their "recommendations" those recommendations can become orders. Greece would cease to be an independent nation. The Greeks would vote for a government but someone else would be running the country.

They might not like that.

Daily Telegraph
Lisbon treaty

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Inflation reaches 3.5% but Merv doesn't care

CPI was 3.5% in January, up from 2.9% in December.
RPI was 3.7%, up from 2.4% previously.

The Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, is quite sanguine about this. He sees calmer seas in the medium term so is happy to ignore the current inflation. In his letter to Alistair Darling he says:

Three such short-run factors have driven the current measured rate of inflation up. First, the restoration of the standard rate of VAT to 17.5% is raising prices relative to a year ago. Second, over the past year, oil prices have risen by around 70%. That is pushing up petrol-price inflation significantly, which, in turn, is raising overall CPI inflation. Third, although the exchange rate has been broadly stable over the past year, the effects of the sharp depreciation of sterling in 2007 and 2008 are continuing to feed through to consumer prices.

He conveniently forgets to mention that 1) VAT has merely returned to its normal rate, and 2) oil is priced in dollars so the fall in sterling also contributes to its rise, and 3) the fall in the value of sterling is HIS FAULT! If he'd raised interest rates before 2007 sterling wouldn't have fallen.

He blithely continues:

...the average weekly earnings measure of pay has increased by around 1% over the past year.

So put that together: RPI inflation is 3.7%, pay growth is 1%, so everyone has had a real terms pay cut of 2.7%. (He goes on to say this doesn't apply in the financial sector.)

He then hazards a guess that inflation may be back under its 3% hard limit by the end of the year, and so justifies twiddling his thumbs.

Alistair Darling's reply is equally sanguine. Reading between the lines it says please do nothing painful until after the election; better that the economy vapourises than we lose seats in May (if they can hold out that long.)

BBC report
MK's letter to AD
AD's reply

Friday, 12 February 2010

New Labour's immigration plot

The real reason for the massive immigration we have suffered in the UK during New Labour's decade-and-a-bit of misrule has emerged. Andrew Neather, a former government adviser and speech writer for Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, has said the aim of Labour’s immigration strategy was to "rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date".

Previously secret Cabinet policy documents are now out in the open. Mr Neather said he helped to write the 2000 report which outlined a strategy to "open up the UK to mass migration".

Opinions have previously varied between conspiracy and cock-up. Many thought that the New Labour government was simply incompetent and lost control of our borders. Now it's clear they intended the result all along. They wanted to swamp the UK with immigrants to suit their own purposes.

Most notable of which is that immigrants generally vote Labour as soon as they are eligible. Commonwealth citizens are eligible as soon as they arrive. Here's a list of countries whose citizens can vote pretty much immediately:

Antigua and Barbuda
The Bahamas
Fiji Islands
The Gambia
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
St Kitts & Nevis
St Lucia
St Vincent & The Grenadines
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands
South Africa
Sri Lanka
United Republic of Tanzania
Trinidad & Tobago

Long, isn't it?

Additionally EU citizens can vote in European elections but not in domestic elections. Here's a list of those countries:

Czech Republic

This is gerrymandering on a vast scale. New Labour have imported 3 million new voters just to prop up their support base; and have deferred to these new arrivals with an endless profusion of politically correct initiatives, grants, positive discrimination and political correctness.

They have sold the country to buy themselves a few more years of power. In no way can they be said to represent the British people!

Daily Mail

Greece still in trouble

Back in early December last year I blogged about the Greeks having a spot of bother with their economy. I mused over the possible outcomes of the current situation and ended like this:

So, either the Greek government cracks, cuts spending and is probably booted from office, or, Brussels cracks and starts giving money to Greece to continue living beyond its means (German taxpayers would love that!) or Greece simply leaves the euro, reverts to the drachma, and devalues - thus stoking their economy and reducing their debt.

My money is on some sort of fudged bail-out from Brussels.

Well, the Greek government has cracked and planned some nasty little cuts: only 1 in 5 public sector workers to be replaced when they retire; retirement age itself to rise - by 5 years for most people, by 10 years for some categories of worker who were on rather generous terms.

Of course these are all futurisms.Where are the pay and spending cuts now like they had in Ireland?

And the Europeans have also come up with their favourite dish - fudge. They've all agreed they are going to stand right behind Greece and help out as best they can, but all without quite putting any money on the table or committing to anything concrete.

Would you like to read the Euro-statement in full? OK, well here it is...

All euro area members must conduct sound national policies in line with the agreed rules. They have a shared responsibility for the economic and financial stability in the area. In this context, we fully support the efforts of the Greek government and their commitment to do whatever is necessary, including adopting additional measures to ensure that the ambitious targets set in the stability programme for 2010 and the following years are met. We call on the Greek government to implement all these measures in a rigorous and determined manner to effectively reduce the budgetary deficit by 4% in 2010.

We invite the Ecofin Council to adopt at its meeting of the 16th of February the recommendations to Greece based on the Commission's proposal and the additional measures Greece has announced.

The Commission will closely monitor the implementation of the recommendations in liaison with the ECB and will propose needed additional measures, drawing on the expertise of the IMF. A first assessment will be done in March.

Euro area Member states will take determined and coordinated action, if needed, to safeguard financial stability in the euro area as a whole. The Greek government has not requested any financial support. (Link)

That's pretty firm and hard-hitting, isn't it? It's full of "additional measures", "close monitoring", future resolutions and assessments, and I expect the IMF is glad the EU will be "drawing on [their] expertise" rather than drawing on their cash.

If Greece were to receive EU cash it would come ultimately from German taxpayers. And Germany has just flatlined again - their economy didn't grow at all in the last quarter. (We beat them with our +0.1% growth! Yay for us.) I don't think the Germans are in a giving mood at the moment though.

Greece's problems can be summarised like this. Population: 10 million Greeks and 3 million illegal immigrants; industries: shipping and tourism, both decimated by the world economy; tax: optional; politics: hard left socialism, jobs for life in the public sector but no vacancies in the private sector; national attitude: paranoia - remember these people arrest you for plane spotting or dressing like a nun.

And all the spending numbers produced by the Greek government don't include the defence budget. The defence budget is secret; no-one may know the defence budget. If you knew the defence budget they'd have to shoot you. Sometimes it feels like the colonels are still running the country. The net effect is that the Greek budget stats are completely untrustworthy and the real financial situation is likely to be far worse than they admit.

So why are we so concerned about this small, far away and irrelevant country? Well, because it's the weakest link in the Euro and this is the first time the Euro has been tested since its launch in 2002. We want to see how it responds to stress. Will Greece be supported whatever the cost? Or will Greece be cast out of the club? Or will the whole Euro-zone fall apart?

Thursday, 11 February 2010

"Clever" Trevor in hot water

Trevor Phillips, chairman of the BNP-prosecuting CEHR faces a possible investigation by Parliament over claims he tried to influence a committee drawing up a report. The joint human rights committee said he had spoken to at least three of its members about its draft report.

Trevor Philips: man-tits

No non-politician has been "done" for contempt of Parliament since the 1950s but "Droop-lips" as he's sometimes called in the Black Community seems to be having some birds coming home to roost.

What with the jailing of Cmdr Ali Desaei earlier in the week, top ethnics seem to be having a torrid time of it recently.


West Yorks Fire & Rescue: No jobs unless you're Pakistani

Compare and contrast the following two press releases from the West Yorkshire Fire Brigade...

No jobs
(Click on image to enlarge)

Lots of jobs
(Click on image to enlarge)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

BBC 'hides' Hindu victory

There's been another turn of the screw as the multicultural tide overwhelms British custom and tradition. An Indian grandfather from Newcastle has won the right in the Court of Appeal to be cremated in the open air when he dies, in accordance with his Hindu beliefs. This has always previously been held to be against English law which requires cremation in a closed building. (Link)

However this post isn't about that. This blog doesn't really care how people want their remains disposed of, provided it's hygienic and doesn't involve throwing the widow on the pyre at the same time. (That would require a whole other trip to the Appeal Court!)

No, this post is about the insidious way the BBC tries to downplay the overwriting of British law and customs with an alien creed. The Indian in this story lives in Newcastle; was appealing against a Newcastle City Council ruling in the English Court of Appeal (having previously lost in the High Court) and the BBC files this story under... Europe!

Check it out...

(Click on image to expand)

So, nothing to do with England or the UK then?! It's foreign news, don't you know!

Trade gap widens

The trade numbers for December last year are out. Turns out we exported lots of services during the month but imported a greater value of goods. Specifically:

Services: +£4.0bn
Goods: -£7.3bn
Balance: -£3.3bn

That is, we were £3.3bn in the red. Here's a graphical representation of our trade balance over the last couple of decades:

So as you can see, services, ie the City, are generally positive but we alway have a net outflow of wealth thanks to our habit of buying foreign goods, starting with 40% of the food we eat.

We haven't actually had a genuine sustained positive trade balance since the early 1980s.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Commander Ali Dizaei goes down

Meet Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizaei, at this moment in time one of the most senior police officers in the United Kingdom, although that won't be for long since he has just been sentenced to two years in jail for assault and false arrest.

Cmdr Ali Dizaei: Jailbird

Dizaei's rank puts him just a couple of rungs below the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police - the UK's top cop. It's really quite amazing that he has reached such a lofty position considering he is of Iranian origin, speaks broken English and has spent most of the last ten years being investigated for, on suspension pending trial for, or actually on trial for, a range of offences such as misuse of a police credit card, perverting the course of justice, misconduct in public office and making false expense claims. Until yesterday he had never been found guilty of any of these allegations.

He is said to be a close friend of an officer we have met before on this blog...

Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur: Friend of Dizaei

Back in June 2008 A. C. Ghaffur accused his own force of racism against him and his own boss, the Met Commissioner, of various iniquities including not renewing his contract and sidelining him. He launched a court case for compensation.

By November Ghaffur had withdrawn the worst of his allegations, the court case was off, but he had received an undisclosed financial "compensation" thought to be around £800,000.

These two officers seem to be two of kind: professional ethnics riding high on political correctness who see racism under every bush and have been promoted way about their ability level by screeching loudly and causing top brass to become fearful of appearing to discriminate.

The police forces of our land are now riddled with Orwellian Nu-Think. Diversity courses are compulsory for officers of all ranks and the simple catching of criminals of yesteryear has given way to box ticking faddy self-abasement to the PC culture.

Promotion is no-longer based on thief-taking or even time served. Rather the ambitious officer must compile a dossier of evidence that he has reached out to the community; pandered to minority interests, and performed extensive metaphorical auto-flagellation for having dared don a uniform and tried to serve and protect the rest of us.

And in this climate the conforming mediocrities have clambered over the good officers, and the likes of Dizaei and Ghaffur have reached the top.

BBC: Profile of Ali Dizaei
BBC: Report
BBC: Recording of 999 call

Friday, 5 February 2010

Inflation lurks as QE ends

The Office of National Statistics has just published it's January Statistical Bulletin. (Here, if you're interested.)

Consider the following phrase from the report:
The input price index for materials and fuels purchased by manufacturing industry rose 8.4 percent in the year to January.

If input prices are going up at 8.4 percent a year, how long before output prices, ie the prices in the shops, are doing the same? The first must feed through to the second in fairly short order. Of course, the cost of goods is more than just the cost of material and fuel - there are wages, rents, taxes and such to pay. But it's not like rents and taxes are going down. There is some scope for reducing the wage bill. Everyday seems to bring more mass-layoffs. However most of the rise in input prices is coming our way shortly.

The Bank of England has said it will not QE anymore for now. That's good, but frankly it looks like it really needs to be tightening monetary policy. Yesterday's interest rate decision was: hold at 0.5%, which doesn't seem to be addressing the issue of incipient inflation.