Friday, 27 August 2010

Genocide of the Whites in South Africa

Uhuru is coming to South Africa. Since "uhuru" is Swahili for "freedom" that might sound like a good thing. But uhuru has a hidden meaning: it's the time when the blacks will rise up and kill or drive out all the remaining whites.

As there are three or four million whites in South Africa, concentrated in the South Western Cape region, this will be quite a task. However, it seems the determination is there. This blog expects that the trigger for this event will be the death of Nelson Mandela, currently 92 years old. However it could happen sooner. It could happen much sooner. The political situation in SA has taken a turn for the much worse in the last few days. Although not widely reported outside the country there is a massive general strike in progress. A million civil servants are already on strike. Teachers have joined them, and the army and police may also walk off the job. And in South Africa a strike is not just a refusal to work, it's an excuse for mob violence, wanton destruction of property and ethnic killings.

The main target ethnic group would be the whites.

According to Genocide Watch there are eight stages to a genocide:

  1. Classification

  2. Symbolization

  3. Dehumanization

  4. Organization

  5. Polarization

  6. Preparation

  7. Extermination

  8. Denial

First the target group is classified by some aspect. For whites this is obvious; their race. Then they are symbolized, that is given a distinctive group name by which they can be referenced. Usually the genocidal power then dehumanizes the target group by making them out to be less than human, animals or vermin. In South Africa this hasn't actually happened to whites. They are made out to be exploiters or colonisers instead; blamed for all the ills that blacks suffer.

Then you have organization. The state has to make the genocide happen. The organizing power is the ANC, itself controlled by the South African Communist Party. Earlier this year ANC Youth Leader, 29-year-old Julius Malema, led University students in singing the "liberation" song "Kill the boer." Despite this being an illegal and inflammatory act senior ANC officials, including the South African president Jacob Zuma, were muted in their criticism. Even Nelson Mandela has been recorded singing "Kill the whites."

Polarization is built into South Africa. The blacks are mainly poor and badly educated. The whites are rich (or at least perceived to be rich by blacks - their standard of living has fallen dramatically in recent years) and well educated.

The preparation phase is the one we are now in. The black populace is being roused while the white population is being weakened. Guns are being confiscated. Recently the Afrikaner leader Eugene Terre'Blanche was assassinated.

All that remains is for the extermination to begin. Although, actually the extermination has already begun. More than three thousand white farmers have been killed on their land. These are the easiest targets because they live in remote isolated places and cannot easily get help. The killings are usually accompanied by rape and mutilation of the bodies. These are not simple property crimes, but "hate crimes" in a literal sense.

Afterwards, in South Africa, they probably won't bother with denial. Instead they will claim justification, like in Zimbabwe. The whites stole their land and were continuing to oppress them, so killing them or driving them out was natural and right. (This isn't historically accurate. The first European arrivals were Dutch who settled in the otherwise unoccupied Cape area. It wasn't until the British arrived in force that they trekked North and East.) But that won't prevent the average black from believing he has been hard done by.

After that of course the blacks will start to starve since whites produce most of the food. But that won't occur to them until too late. And in fact totalitarian governments prefer not to have domestic food production since food then mainly comes in the form of international aid and they can control who gets it and who does not. The government becomes very popular when the alternative is to starve.

Now this is a British nationalist blog, so we should consider this from a British perspective.

It would be nice to think that when uhuru happens the UK government will send military forces to defend the whites and help establish an independent white state in the Cape region. But we all know that isn't going to happen, short of a BNP government coming to power - which won't happen soon enough to be useful.

The next best thing is to offer white South Africans asylum in the UK. Although nationalists are generally opposed to immigration this is a special case. This is not opening our doors to the dross of the world. These are well-educated, law-abiding, English-speaking people who will integrate seamlessly into our society and would be an asset where ever they settled in the world.

There are in fact several hundred thousand white South Africans already settled in the South-East of England. They have been able to get into the UK thanks to an ancestral connection with the country. This blog has yet to receive any reports of gangs of them marauding around London raping and robbing (unlike, say, Somalians) and they seem to find work and support themselves, albeit often in lower-paid jobs, eg security, than their ability level would justify.

When uhuru happens we should open our doors to them; all of them, including the elderly who may lose everything but not be able to start again. Most will prefer to go to Australia, New Zealand, Continental Europe or of course Canada and the USA. (And who can blame them?) But those who want to come here should be admitted. And if there isn't room, well, send back the Somalians!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Short back and sides

Sit up straight, face front and take notice oh scruffy youth of England! Your indolent lack of personal grooming and pride in your appearance is not "cool" or an expression of individuality and you are being put to shame by a new breed of honey bee!

For the last twenty years the human race has stood on the edge of extinction because the bees that pollinate the crops we eat were being attacked by the Varroa destructor mite causing bee Armageddon and "colony collapse" across the world.

Strictly speaking there are some crops we can grow which don't require pollination by insect, and there are other pollinating insects apart from bees. But without insect pollination we'd pretty much be living on a diet of bananas.

However the solution as been found: grooming! Ron Hoskins, a 79-year-old beekeeper, is breeding a strain of bees which groom each other to remove the mites. He intends to release these into the wild and varroa mites everywhere will be chucked from the hive.


Monday, 23 August 2010

The truth is out there

SETI scientists are having a rethink about what they should be looking for. Previously the radio receivers have been tuned to the "waterhole" at around 1 GHz where the hydrogen atoms and OH groups emit their characteristic "noise".

Since alien biological life is likely to depend on H2O it will recognise this part of the spectrum as very significant. Conveniently the 1-10 GHz range is also naturally quiet which makes it a good place to attempt a conversation. So the theory has it that that is where aliens are broadcasting.

But there's new thinking. It goes like this. It takes life about 3 billion years to evolve from nothing to making a radio transmitter. Two or three hundred years later it will turn into non-biological artificial intelligence and that's how it will remain for the millions or billions of years of its subsequent existence. So the "waterhole" is of no significance and SETI should be looking elsewhere.

This blog reckons SETI scientists haven't quite got the whole picture yet.

Let us imagine that the giant meteorite which killed the dinosaurs arrived a fraction early, say 66 million years ago rather then 65 million years ago. Then the rise of the mammals would have occurred a million years earlier and today's date would be 23rd August 1002010 AD rather than 23-Aug-2010. Where would the human race already be if that meteor had been created with a tiny fraction more momentum or a sliver of a tighter orbit?

With a million years' head start we'd either be extinct or all over the galaxy, possibly both.

There must be intelligent creatures out there, biological or machine, which have that kind of lead over us. There must be civilisations out there with a billion years' head start! By now they must have discovered planet Earth. And it's not likely they would have discovered us, said "boring", and moved on. No, once discovered we'd stay discovered.

So where are they then? Well, either choosing not to show themselves, or all around and we're just not recognising them for what they are. Either way, straining at the stars is looking in the wrong place. Look closer to home. Does your neighbour have slightly pointed ears?

Friday, 20 August 2010

A quarter of Americans think Obama is a muslim

Apparently 24 percent of Americans think their president, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a muslim! Why would they think such a thing?

Obama: Looks good in a beard!

What can be giving them this strange idea? Is it because Barack HUSSEIN Obama's father was a practising muslim? Or because he was educated in a muslim school in a muslim country? Or is it because at a White House dinner to celebrate RAMADAN the president (Mr Barack HUSSEIN Obama) said it would be fine and dandy to build a mosque at Ground Zero?

This blog can only wonder at what is causing Americans this uncertainty, and say: Don't you think you should have worried about this BEFORE you elected him, guys?

More EU food craziness

Not content with making our sausages, chocolate, and prawn cocktail flavoured crisps illegal and legislating on the curvature of cucumbers and the provenance of bananas those crazy dudes at the EU have now ruled on what can and cannot go in a Cornish pasty.

Turnip: Not allowed in a pasty

Swede: Allowed in a pasty

So far so good. Who would want a yukky turnip in a pasty? Far better to have a nice tasty swede.

But, here comes the craziness, the EU law-makers have ruled you're allowed to put "turnip" on the label! So, turnip on the ingredients list - good, in the recipe - bad.

That said, they may be thinking of this kind of swede...

Swede: Not as pretty as Ulrika Jonsson

For any Americans reading, this is a Cornish pasty...

Cornish pasty: full of meaty goodness

A Cornish pasty is a bit like a knish, only never, ever, deep-fried, except in Scotland where they'll deep-fry anything.

Another Asian MP disgraced

Joining the ranks of the disgraced is Bolton South East MP Yasmin Qureshi (Labour) caught using a hand-held phone while driving with no insurance.

Quershi: Law-maker but not law-obeyer

Elected on May 6th, she makes the laws which the rest of us have to obey. She cannot claim ignorance of our quirky British ways because she moved to the UK when she was 9, and is now 47. Oh, and she's a barrister. Like so many ethnic lawyers she specialises in "human rights".

She didn't bother to attend court and was fined £1250 and banned from driving for six months.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Ructions in the BNP

The British National Party is undergoing one of its periodic attempts at self-destruction. Little of the turmoil in the party has reached public notice. The BBC tersely reported that London Assembly Member Richard Barnbrook has resigned the party whip but doesn't report why.

In fact the reason is difficult to discern. Barnbrook himself isn't saying.

It's a measure of his dissatisfaction though that he attempted to stand against Nick Griffin, the incumbent Chairman, at this year's leadership election. He only got 23 nominations from members - he needed 840 (20% of voting members) to get on the ballot. Pub landlord Derek Adams received four votes and ex-national elections officer Eddy Butler got 214. Griffin himself received 995 nominations and was returned as Chairman without a vote being held. (Source)

There is now considerable disquiet about how the party is being run. Griffin is a charismatic leader but he seems to lack administrative know-how. The party's finances are in a dire state, £580,000 in debt and there are several court cases in progress, including the infamous EHRC case now progressing to the High Court, cases from suppliers who haven't been paid, and from former employees of the party sacked without due process. Each of these cases will have a price tag associated with it.

Marmitegate went to court when Unilever issued a writ for misuse of their logo. This cost the party tens of thousands of pounds (the exact amount is secret) when Unilever would have settled for an apology.

In addition substantial funds are being paid out to a fund-raising consultant based in Northern Ireland, over £160,000 a year. This person is not a member of the party and many feel he is not value for money and what he does would be better done by volunteer members.

The fact that the party is haemorrhaging cash and could be declared bankrupt is spooking people fearful that they may have liability for the party's debts. The EHRC would love to make Griffin personally bankrupt, that would disqualify him from standing for parliament.

Griffin is trying to remedy the situation but it's all a bit late. A significant anti-Griffin camp has built up and it won't easily be mollified. There's a perception that Griffin is profiteering from his position as Chairman, and clinging to power by dubious means, for example the requirement to have 840 nominations to challenge him is onerous. The party's constitution is riddled with clauses that give Griffin near-autocratic power, including the authority to change the constitution itself without a plebiscite.

Ironically, the BNP going bankrupt might be a good thing! A new Nationalist party would certainly arise from the ashes and it would be able to start with no debt and a fresh constitution, and without the ill-will that Griffin has engendered and so be acceptable to the large number of former BNP members not prepared to help the party while Griffin is running it.

Inflation not gone away yet

UK inflation eased to 3.1% in July from 3.2% in June, the third month in a row that prices have risen more slowly. However, the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) is still well above the Bank of England's 2% target rate. The Retail Prices Index (RPI) slowed to 4.8% from 5% in June. Source

So inflation is over target yet again, like it has been all year. Mervyn has written to George. George has replied.

Mervyn says...
Inflation has been volatile over the past two years or so. In that time, it has moved above 5%, then fallen to 1.1 %, risen again to 3.7%, and has since started to fall back once more. But on average over that period, inflation has been above the target. And the recent strength of inflation has surprised the MPC.

The strength of inflation didn't really surprise anyone else though. If you reduce interest rates to an unprecedented 0.5% and pump £200bn of QE money into the economy that's what happens.

George replies...
The MPC's remit allows it to look through short-term movements in inflation and I note the Committee's central view that inflation should continue to move back towards target over time. [...] CPI inflation is likely to fall back to a little under 2 per cent in early 2012.

Well that's reassuring. But what about the two or three years of over-target inflation we will have had by then? Does that ever get cancelled? Nope, that's locked in forever.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bank of England gives up

Yesterday at the press conference at the Bank of England to present its latest quarterly inflation report governor Mervyn King was asked the killer question, "If you had known how much higher than expected inflation was to be, would your policy have been any different?"

To which the governor replied, "No, probably not." (Link)

So there you have it. They are not really trying to control inflation at all. They are actually trying to inflate away debt without us noticing. Fine if you're a profligate borrower mortgaged to the eye balls; legalised theft if you're a saver or someone living on a fixed income.

Merv regards our currently inflation as a series of external shocks which he cannot control. He seems to distinguish between imported inflation such as oil prices which he shouldn't try to control and domestic wage inflation which he should.

So, prices can go up and he won't try to stop them, but if our wages go up to compensate he'll crack down on that. Nice!

Of course most of our wages won't go up. Prices will go up as the imported raw ingredients cost more, taxes will go up, not least to pay the government's index-linked pension liabilities, some domestic-only service costs will go up, eg parking charges, stuff you can't import, but most of us productive people make goods or offer services which are priced globally. We can't put our prices up if the Germans don't put their prices up.

Merv could fight all inflation. If he put interest rates up sterling would go up and oil prices (dollar-denominated remember) would fall, as would the raw material costs of things we make. But he has abdicated his responsibilities and won't do that.

Your word for the day: Mufa'Kathat

Mufa'Kathat, noun, sexual enjoyment without vaginal penetration of a girl under the age of nine years, also known as "thighing" but may include anal penetration.

Let us look at the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini's ruling on the matter:
A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual acts such as foreplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy are allowed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not committed a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged.

The use of the word "marry" in the above text is also interesting. In the Christian context "marry" means for life (until death does you part) but Islam has mutah, a temporary marriage, sometimes as short as a couple of hours. Usually a "dowry" is payable to a girl's parents when she is mutah'ed for the purpose of mufa'kathat.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Doctor induced regeneration

Dr Who, of BBC television fame, can apparently regenerate his body twelve times, thus allowing him to live thirteen complete lives. (He is currently on his eleventh incarnation.)

He had better look to his laurels though as rabbits at Columbia University Medical Center can now regenerate their legs. Well, technically, just a particular joint in the foreleg. Researchers removed joints and replaced them with a bioscaffold and triggered stem cell production using a cocktail of drugs. Four weeks later the bunnies were hopping around like nothing had happened.

That was last week. This week scientists at the Gladstone Institute of the University of California have made a mouse's heart regenerate.

Both these therapies are at least five years away from being available to humans but the speed at which medicine is advancing is extra-ordinary. During the second half of the 20th century medicine seemed to lag behind the other scientific disciplines; while physicists were chivying individual atoms around doctors were hitting the whole patient with blanket-impact drugs and then fighting the side-effects. But now medicine has woken up and hardly a week goes past without some sort of breakthrough.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

In the name of the prophet

Yet another white girl has been abducted and forced into prostitution. This time in Manchester. She was just 14 years old and living in a "care home" when one Asad Hassan met her in Rochdale High Street, took her to a nightclub, plied her with drink, then took her to a flat where two men, both called Mohammed, used her for sex. She spent the next ten days drugged and forced to work as a prostitute until she managed to escape.

Altogether nine men have been convicted for their parts in this atrocious crime. Here they are:

Their names are:

Aftab Khan
Abid Khaliq
Noorzai Ahmed
Mohammed Anwar Safi
Mohammed Khan
Najibullah Safi
Asad Yousaf Hassa
Mohammed Basharat
Mohammed Atif

That these animals are all Asians is self-evident. They are undoubtedly all muslims as well. Four of them are called "Mohammed" - the name of the prophet. Two of them are called "Khan" which is a Pashtun name. "Ahmed" is an alternate name for the prophet Mohammed and so on.

Although in this country we would consider sex with a 14-year-old girl wrong, even if unforced, the prophet Mohammed married his second wife Aisha when she was seven years old and enjoyed sexual relations with her from the age of nine.

Of course that was thirteen hundred years ago; times were different.

But many muslims revere their prophet and live by his example to this day. They consider that their religion endorses under-aged sex. The religion also explicitly endorses taking "unbeliever" woman as sex slaves. Mohammed invited his followers to help themselves to the women of the kafirs (unbelievers).

So, by their own standards, these men did nothing wrong.

In its reporting the BBC makes no mention of the fact the 14-year-old victim was a white girl, but we know this from other sources. They prefer to report it as just a crime, one victim, several perpetrators, rather than in its wider context of one ethnic group preying on a different ethnic group. Specifically muslims preying on the natives of the British Isles. The BBC also fails to give the story the prominence they would if the ethnicities had been reversed. Nine white men abducting an Asian girl and using her for sex would be national news, but this story is being presented as local Manchester news.

There's a war going on out there and most people don't even know it.