Thursday, 30 September 2010

Baroness Warsi alleges Labour benefited from Asian vote fraud

Baroness Warsi, who she? Well, amazingly she's the current chairman of the Conservative Party and a Cabinet Minister in the government. Her claim to fame is that she's just about the only muslim woman in the Tory party. She tried to become an MP, was roundly rejected by the electorate and got made a baroness by way of a consolation prize.

Although notionally a muslim (she was once married to her cousin, you don't get more muslim than that) she has since divorced and largely alienated the muslim community. She needs a police escort in muslim areas - even most whites don't need that yet.

Warsi: semi-detached muslim

And now she has pointed out what we all know anyway: Labour-supporting Asians have been engaged in voter fraud. She claims at least three constituencies were "stolen" from the Tories by fraud during the General Election. She won't name them though.

Of course Asians coming to the UK and then breaking the law is not news. Asians collecting up postal votes; Asians registering ten or more fictitious individuals at their address; Asians operating fraud-factories, all these things we've seen before. In one court case the judge said the UK was turning into a banana-republic!

However, it can't hurt to hear it from the horse's mouth.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Defence budget cuts

Every party has its sacred cows, its areas of spending that it is unable to rein in for ideological reasons. For New Labour it was "schools 'n' ospitals" - every time the Tories pointed out that too much was being spent for too little return the Labour government would howl in outrage and demand to know which school or which hospital the Tories would like to see closed.

This way they managed to shut down debate on their prodigal spending habits and the end result is the current trillion pound national debt, and the £160bn year on year deficit. (Although that £160bn may be quite a bit less after the government's spending review on October the 20th. Latest suggestions are it might be down to a mere £100bn.)

The Conservatives have their own sacred cows. When they came to power they said the overseas aid budget would be protected from all trimming. Why? Heaven knows! It was probably just one last cringe under Labour's holier than thou lash. Old habits die hard. The opposition stopped opposing years ago.

The British National Party has but one sacred budgetary cow. It's not overseas aid. That can go swing - a BNP government would use it to coerce compliance in the area of taking back failed asylum seekers and criminal immigrants. (And all asylum-seekers would fail under a BNP government.) Any 3rd-world country not playing ball would get nothing from the BNP. Our aid budget would serve OUR interests and nobody else's.

The BNP's red line is defence spending. Not all of it, but when you send your finest abroad to fight and die for their country then you owe it to them to equipment them with the best you can afford. In war, such as in Afghanistan right now, there is a direct trade off between spending money and spending blood.

An example: our forces patrol in Land Rovers, a civilian vehicle designed for farmers, slightly adapted for military use. (Mainly by welding on metal plating. You don't want one of them behind you on the road - the brakes haven't been upgraded!)

It isn't robust enough to protect its occupants from an RPG shell or a land mine. The Americans use Bradley fighting vehicles (manufactured by British Aerospace) when they must deploy on the ground, and Blackhawk helicopters otherwise - and consequently they take fewer casualties, per capita.

Our forces would love to have some Blackhawks, also some Chinooks for heavy lift and some Apaches for combat situations but they're not going to get them. No, they get to go places in Land Rovers. (The MOD has announced a Land Rover replacement, but it will still be a ground vehicle based on a civilian truck and hasn't happened yet.)

Another example: a bit more subtle this one. Since the body armour fiasco of the Iraq war all our soldiers have body armour. In fact, since the politicians took such a beating over body armour, this blog understands so much body armour has been sent to Afghanistan that there are piles of it lying around warehouses in Camp Bastion.

But there's armour and armour. There's heavy cumbersome body armour, and light convenient body armour which is more expensive but equally effective. Guess which one our forces have? Yes, they have the heavy one, and as a result when performing an awkward task like defusing an IED they have to take it off! Not surprisingly IEDs account for a lot of our fatalities.

So when the Defence Secretary Liam Fox argues that the defence budget should not be cut, he can count on Nationalist support. We think that saving money by spending blood is a betrayal of our soldiers.

But this doesn't mean we give the military a blank cheque. No, but for equipment they want and need, and every squaddie on the ground can tell you what they really need, there should be no parsimony.

Monday, 27 September 2010

New Labour leader: Ed Miliband

The Labour Party, the members, the MPs, the MEPs, have spoken, and chosen David Miliband as their new leader. Then along came the unions and changed the outcome to Ed Miliband. Apparently the leaders of the biggest five unions met in London last week and "did the deal." What Ed promised in return is unknown.

The Milibands are an immigrant family of Polish Jews. Despite being Polish, Grandfather Samuel was an ardent communist and fought with the Russian Red Army in the Soviet-Polish war (1919-1921) against his own countrymen, and not surprisingly later fled to settle in Belgium, where Miliband father Adolphe (he preferred to be known as 'Ralph') was born.

After the war Grandfather Samuel made determined attempts to become a British Citizen, including lying about conditions in Belgium, claiming anti-semitism when there was none. He was eventually successful despite concerns by Special Branch.

'Ralph' lived in Primrose Hill, London, and became a well-known Marxist. He worked as a lecturer at various universities, and married another Polish Jew called Marion. (The house later became the subject of a tax avoidance controversy.)

Both Miliband brothers were born in the UK, second generation immigrants of borderline legitimacy, both studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, both went rapidly from University to working for the Labour party before eventually becoming MPs (Ed for Doncaster North, David for South Shields, neither having any real connection with their constituencies.)

So neither brother has ever had a 'proper' job. Both are involved, as the BNP would put it, in the distasteful practice of coming here and trying to re-arrange the furniture. The whole family has lived off the taxpayer one way or another since first coming here in the 1930s. A worse bunch of parasites would be hard to find.

Hopefully neither will ever be Prime Minister.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Authorities pandering to Islam by the back door

Six lads from Gateshead, Tyneside have been arrested. They were caught burning copies of the Koran to commemorate 9/11 after a video was posted on YouTube. The Attorney General is deciding whether to bring charges of inciting racial hatred. (Last I heard Islam was a religion, not a race!)

Meanwhile over in the USA, one Pastor Terry Jones of Gainesville, Florida, is to be presented with a $200,000 bill by the police. His crime? Well, he hasn't actually committed a crime. He did threaten to burn some Korans. But in America they have this thing called "free speech" which make it difficult for the authorities to clamp down on citizens objecting to the Islamification of their nation.

However, to make him pay anyway, they've decided to slap him with a massive bill for extra police resources they felt they had to deploy in case he burnt a Koran.

The authorities in both countries are noticeably less eager to act when a national flag is burned by muslims, or copies of the Holy Bible. Why do you think this is? Is it because Christians live by the twin doctrines of Love and Forgiveness, while muslims prefer Jihad and Fatwa? Are the authorities simply kowtowing to what they perceive as the stronger force?

If so, then they are a bunch of livy-livered, yellow-bellied cowards.

However, in a way, that's good to know. There may come a time, not yet, but one day, when it is no longer possible to resist Islamification by peaceful political action. When that time comes it will be useful to know how these "authorities" can be brought on-side.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Nick Clegg has really stupid idea

At the Lib Dem conference in Liverpool the party leader and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has come up with a really stupid idea.

He plans to let local councils borrow money!

The only reason our national debt isn't twice what it already is, is because only central government can borrow money in the name of the taxpayer. Local councils are already massively profligate, wasting money on pet projects and over-paying local civil servants. At the moment they are limited by the outraged squeals of council tax payers whenever they raise the rate, and the fact that most of their income stems from a fixed central government grant.

With unfettered access to the bond markets the town hall spendthrifts would think all their Christmases had come at once. Local taxpayers would soon be left financing a permanent structural debt, the borrowed money having feathered a lot of nests and produced little of tangible benefit.

An object lesson would be Greece which in recent years, ably assisted by Goldman Sachs, has monetised its revenue streams, ie, borrowed against future tax receipts, the borrowing then being frittered away.

We don't want that here.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Political news here and abroad

Yesterday saw a general election in Sweden when the 349-member unicameral parliament, called the Riksdag, elected members for a four year term. For the first time the "right-wing" Sweden Democrats have gained seats. Not all the votes are counted yet but they are expected to have 20 members in the new parliament.

This is thanks to Sweden having a system of proportional representation which gives any party with more than 4% support seats in parliament. This is all the more remarkable considering the party suffers from the same problem as the BNP in not being able to access the mainstream media to communicate its policies to the electorate.

The Sweden Democrats have such extreme policies as:
  • Re-introducing life imprisonment for the most severe crimes.

  • Re-negotiating the terms of Sweden's EU membership.

  • Not joining the euro.

  • Stopping mass immigration.

  • Paying some immigrants to go back home.
Clearly with such extreme policies they are beyond saving and will not be invited to join the coalition government. (It's always a coalition government in Sweden.)

However it's very encouraging news for nationalists. Sweden has been substantially occupied by immigrants, mainly muslims, and they have been suffering for it with soaring crime rates in ethnic areas (no, not Lapland areas!)

Sweden presents itself to the world as Liberal and tolerant. But the truth is they have a nasty, repressive, politically-correct mentality in which criticism of immigration or the behaviour of immigrants is treated as racism and prosecuted as a criminal offence. Successive left-wing "liberal" governments have stifled genuine free speech, but it looks like the ordinary Swede in the street has had enough.

Also, the Liberal Democrats are having their annual conference. But that's not important.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Don't forget the Chandlers

Paul and Rachel Chandler were kidnapped 330 days ago by Somali pirates, and they're still being held hostage.

The Chandlers and their hosts

Doesn't time just fly by?

Dissing the pope

In an hour's time Pope Benedict XVI will land in Edinburgh, the first pope to set foot in the United Kingdom for about 30 years. Is he being made welcome like an honoured guest? Well, no.

Benedict XVI: Unwelcome guest

To start with the British government insulted him by appointing a muslim to lead the Foreign Office team planning his visit. Said muslim circulated a list of things the pope could do while here including launching a range of condoms and doing forward rolls with children.

Then, in the run up to the visit our TV schedules, and especially the BBC, have been dominated by investigations into child abuse in the Catholic church. Now, no one is saying child abuse isn't a serious matter, but plastering this old-news story across our screens in the very week the pope is due to arrive for a visit isn't journalism, it's an attempt to spoil the visit. They could run those stories anytime they wanted. Turns out they wanted to do it the very week the pope is due.

However the Vatican has dropped a clanger of its own.

One Cardinal Kasper has claimed that arriving at Heathrow is like arriving at a third world country, and that the UK is militantly atheist.

Cardinal Kasper: Not wrong.

Cardinal Kasper has been dropped from the papal visit, notionally because he's ill. That said, sources on the inside reckon he really is ill - he's got gout and can hardly walk.

This blog think it's a shame he couldn't come, because he's right. London is turning into a 3rd world city and the country is becoming anti-Christian.

Normally the pope would arrive in a country using an Alitalia flight, and return to Italy using the national airline of the country he was visiting. But British Airways has blotted its copybook. They disciplined a stewardess for wearing a small crucifix over her uniform and made her cover it up or take it off. So in your face BA, no papal patronage for you!

This blog isn't here to endorse Catholicism, and there's no denying there have been some serious scandals in the Catholic church. However, if we invite a world leader here, then we should not use his visit as an opportunity to hurl abuse at him. That's just bad manners.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

More immigrants trafficking women for sex

Check out this ugly trio...

Mahrookh Jamali, 41, Rasoul Gholampour, 30,
Fatima Hagnegat, 24

They have been jailed for attempting to prostitute young women, including offering the services as "dancers" of girls only 13 years old, to Arabs visiting the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel in Knightsbridge, London, as well as offering other girls for sex. The virginity of the youngest girls was to cost £150,000. Older ones could be had for a mere £50,000.

The BBC reports these scum as from "North London" and "Wigan". This blog prefers to call them what they are: Iranian.

And nobody seems to be reporting what religion they and the intended molesters are.

But it's a fair bet that the victims were white and English.

EU mouse sqeaks at French lion

Viviane Reding, an EU VP (who elected her? Answer, no-one!) has thrown a little strop. She banged her little fist on the lectern and told off the French government, calling it "shocking" and a "disgrace".

Vice President Reding: Lost her rag

The cause of her ire is that the French have been bundling Romanian gypsies out of the country. The French have about 300 major gypsy camps; each with several hundred occupants and each the malignant centre of a local crime wave. It's not surprising the French want rid.

And in fact under EU law the French are entitled to kick them out. That's not Ms Reding's beef. She's complaining that each gypsy isn't being considered individually, with a personal assessment for each potential deportee. Instead the French government is rounding them up, giving each one a €160 grant and busing them home to Romania.

This blog says: way to go France!

Of course Sarky's got skin in the game now and can't be seen to back down. But the harpy has the law on her side and France may end up paying a fine to the EU commission.

Inflation not falling

Yesterday the inflation numbers for August were out. CPI was 3.1%, same as the month before, and RPI was 4.7%, down from 4.8%. The unexpectedly high rate was boosted by strong rises in air fares, clothing and food while petrol was down a little, a litre typically costs £1.16 rather than £1.18.

Economists were expecting a sharper fall so sterling had a little boost due to the prospect of the base rate being increased to offset the inflation. That prospect has gone from "distant" to "still a long way off."

Monday, 13 September 2010

Nice article on the Greek problem

Michael Lewis, writing in Vanity Fair has encapsulated the basic problem with Greece.
$1.2 trillion debt... systematically looting their own treasury... tsunami of cheap credit... government owed another $800 billion or more in pensions... national railroad has annual revenues of 100 million euros against an annual wage bill of 400 million, plus 300 million euros in other expenses... retirement age for Greek jobs classified as “arduous” is as early as 55 for men and 50 for women... arduous: hairdressers, radio announcers, waiters, musicians, and on and on and on... first thing a government does in an election year is to pull the tax collectors off the streets... an estimated two-thirds of Greek doctors reported incomes under 12,000 euros a year...

It's well worth reading the article in full.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Nick Griffin's day in court

So Nick Griffin, and his co-defendants Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby, have had their day in court to answer a summons saying, “Notice to Show Good Reason Why An Order for Your Committal Prison Should Not Be Made” – so no pressure there then.

You will be pleased to hear Nick left court a free man (as did the others) in fact the issue of committing him to jail was never even raised.

BNP demo at the Royal Courts of Justice

What actually happened in Court 13 at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand this morning is that the lady judge (hereinafter called m’lady) came in at 10:30am to find that only one of the defendants, Simon Darby, was even in court. Nick and Tanya were caught up in a one-day tube strike which half paralysed London. Even this blogger, boarding a tube train at Victoria found himself at Whitechapel before he could get off.

So m’lady “rose” (a couple of times in fact) and the court only got going properly at 11:30am by which time Nick and Tanya were in the room; Nick travelling with his usual muscular phalanx of security guards with curly wires in their ears.

Before court started the barrister for the Commission and the barrister for Simon Darby had a convivial chat injudiciously close to a certain blogger who affected nonchalance whilst straining an ear in the appropriate direction. Things may be looking up for Mr Darby, and by association one assumes Ms Lumby. Clearly the real prize here is Nick Griffin MEP, the Commission isn’t interested in the minor scalps.

There were twenty or so public at the back of the court; the unused jury box (this is a High Court, not a Crown Court remember) held a scattering of bored reporters. At the front of court was the bewigged Mr Allen, barrister for “the Commission”, with his three “pupils” in front but below him and his self-assembly bookcase beside him. (He turned up with an airline-style wheelie suitcase and built the bookcase before m’lady was in the room.) Behind Mr Allen was the only black person in the room: a lady with a slim red file marked “BNP”. Presumably she was from the Commission itself. She took no part in proceedings though; it was Mr Allen’s show.

It rapidly became clear that while Simon and Tanya had their own barristers, Nick was representing himself. Simon’s was a Rumpole figure, overweight but affable. Tanya’s barrister was a little old munchkin dwarfed by his wig and gown whose only contribution was to agree with the other barristers.

Mr Allen was clearly the dominant figure in court. Although he was exceeding deferential to m’lady it was clear she was being led by him. She asked him points of law and for help in finding her way around the law books. He was so formal and polite to absolutely everyone it must have been affectation.

Nick sat at the front and like the barristers was forever bobbing up and down talking to m’lady while Simon and Tanya were effectively spectators. Not sure why Nick has fired his legal team, but it made for a better show to hear from the man himself.

The actually legal proceedings were slightly tedious. Nick, it seems, has filed a motion to have the whole case thrown out as an abuse of process. This motion takes precedence over other business (which may be Nick’s cunning plan) and will take a couple of days to hear. Since the court had only been booked for the morning in fact the only business the court dealt with was scheduling the next hearing, which will be at the Divisional Court, in front of two judges instead of just m’lady, on the 8th and 9th of November. No-one even suggested that Nick go to jail, just come back in a couple of months. However “scheduling a new hearing” did manage to take more than an hour: affidavits by this date, skeleton argument by that date, etc. When everyone apart from the defendants are being paid by the minute there’s no cause for hurry.

The fearful issue of costs was briefly mooted in open court and it was agreed to postpone dealing with them until another time.

Meanwhile outside the Royal Courts of Justice the BNP demo was in full swing: I’d guess, 50 patriots, 5 police, 5 press photographers. There was flag and sign waving, with representation from Scotland and Wales present.(See picture above.) But inside nothing happened except that the financial squeeze on the BNP was turned another notch.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

EHRC now playing serious hardball

OK, click on the image below so you can actually read it. It's a court order. Imagine how you'd feel if it were served on you...

Court order:
Go to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200

Well it has been served on three senior members of the BNP. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission are doing their damnedest (using taxpayers' money) to send a democratically elected MEP and two others to jail. They are not using a criminal prosecution, they are using a civil procedure - so no legal aid for these three innocent people to defend themselves. They're on their own. If they fail they go to jail.