Thursday, 21 April 2011

Helen Wood, Imogen Thomas, Super-injunctions etc

The story so far. The prostitute Helen Wood was paid £195 for sex with a British actor known only NEJ. Wood's previous claim to fame was getting paid £1000 for having sex with Manchester United player Wayne Roony.

Helen Wood: Footballers pay better than actors

We aren't allowed to know NEJ's real name because he has a super-injunction from the High Court to protect his reputation and family.


The Internet is awash with rumours as to who NEJ is; some people are even suggesting you can work out the identity of the actor from the code letters themselves. All this blog can say is that he has poor taste in ties.

Also topical: former Miss Wales, Big Brother contestant and serial WAG, Imogen Thomas is also on the receiving end of a super-injunction. She had a six-month relationship with a footballer who cannot be named.

Miss Wales: Likes footballers - a lot!

A footballer

Strictly speaking though these aren't super-injunctions. To count as "super" the injunction has to contain a clause which prevents its existence from being reported. If you know it exists then it's only a regular injunction really.

Some people think a bit of googling will tell you the names of those involved. But think again. Even google has been gagged...

Google: Not telling

But there is a man who knows: Kelvin MacKensie, former editor of the Sun newspaper.

Kelvin MacKensie: Man in the know

MacKensie revealed on Newsnight (BBC2) on the 20th of April that there are currently 29 super-injunctions in effect. That's way more than the newspapers have reported. The High Court has clearly been busy. Of course what we need now is for someone with the complete list of names to set up a website outside the UK and the whole house of cards will come crashing down, which would doubtless be very entertaining for those of us not involved.
(This blogger is now going away for a couple of weeks. Readers are requested not to post suggestions as to who these mysterious super-injunctors are in the comments section, nor links to websites which name them, since this blogger will not be around to delete them until the beginning of May. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.)

Monday, 18 April 2011

African illegal immigrants flooding up from the Magreb

As has been widely reported a lot of Africans are crossing the 70 miles or so from the Tunisian coast to the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Lampedusa: Italian but closer to Tunisia

About 25,000 have arrived so far. They claim to be fleeing unrest in Tunisia and Libya, but on closer examination a lot of them prove to be from farther south, many from Somalia. They are undoubtedly economic migrants rather than genuine refugees.

Migrant on Lampedusa

The little island of Lampedusa (pop: 4,500) has been swamped and the Italian government has been forced to evacuate the bulk of the migrants to the port city of Taranto on the mainland. However rather than confining them there, they have been given temporary residence visas and set at liberty. (A cheaper option than confinement for the Italian government.) However these visas allow freedom to travel anywhere in the Schengen area of the European Union.

Not surprisingly, a lot of these migrants have decided to proceed north up into France where the benefits are more generous. In a very uncommunautaire move the French last night closed their border to trains to keep the Africans out. The Italians were outraged and a demonstration on the border ensued.

This morning the French have relented and trains are once again crossing into France. However many French people must today be reconsidering the advisability of surrendering control of their own borders. They cannot now stop the stealthy invasion and are totally at the mercy of a weak Italian government which cannot afford to run immigrant detention centres and has been simply over-whelmed by weight of numbers.

The only silver lining in this story is that the UK is not part of the Schengen agreement so the invaders will struggle to reach our shores - where the benefits are even more generous than in France.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

BNP candidate walks free from court

It looks like Sion Owens and his partner Joanne Shannon are off the hook as far as burning the Koran is concerned. Swansea police planned to prosecute this act under race relations laws, until it belatedly occurred to them that "Islam" isn't a race, it's a religion.

So Sion and Joanne are free again, after a night in cells with walls smeared with fecal matter. The police have retained their computers and mobile phones. Why? Heaven knows, possibly in the hope that they will find something incriminating, but certainly not to thwart Sion's attempts to become a member of the Welsh Assembly.

Monday, 11 April 2011

BNP candiate in court for burning Koran

One Sion Owens, a BNP candidate for the Welsh Assembly in the May 5th elections appears in court in Swansea this morning charged with burning a copy of the Koran.

Strangely, although the alleged Koran-burning took place six months ago in Mr Owens's back garden it wasn't until his name was put forward as a BNP candidate for the imminent elections that the police saw fit to raid his house in the middle of the night and arrest him and his disabled partner against whom no allegation has been made. The BBC don't see fit to report this factoid, nor did they find room to report that Mr Owens received substantial out-of-court damages for a previous wrongful arrest.

The BNP website has the details.

Debt clock removed

I have removed the national debt "clock" that used to grace this blog. Unfortunately the clock's maintainers cannot decide whether to include the bank bailout costs in the number and have been flip-flopping backwards and forwards making the number vary between just under a trillion pounds to over 2.3 trillion.

When our debt passes significant milestones I'll put up a post instead.

Polish and Romanian immigrants commit most crime?

The Daily Telegraph claims that immigrants to the UK from Poland and Romania commit the most crime.

The numbers are Poland: 6,777 crimes committed last year, and Romania: 4,343.

Of course this is bad news. Immigrants are twice as likely to be criminals as natives, which is just one of many reasons to clamp down on immigration, but the Poles are getting a bad rap here. Poles have committed 56% more crime than the Romanians, but there are ten times as many of them in the UK!

The truth is that Poles are more likely to be criminals that the rest of us, but not more likely than other immigrants. In general the farther South an immigrant comes from the more likely he or she is to be a criminal. The biggest offenders are Africans, especially Somalians. (Africans don't show up in the Telegraph's numbers because they were only looking at EU immigrants.)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Other countries increasing base rates

Earlier this week Poland increased its base interest rate by +0.25% to 4% because their inflation rate at 3.6% is above their 2.5% target. That's right, if you're saving in zloties you get a real return on your money.

Today the European Central Bank raised its own base rate by the same amount to 1.25%. Inflation in the eurozone is running at 2.2%.

Also today the Bank of England continued its policy of "vigilance" and held its base rate at 0.5% despite the UK RPI inflation rate being 5.5%.

The BoE has gone past negligent and is now is just plain ridiculous. Mervyn King is beggering us all. (Possible typo in the previous sentence!)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tories are a sick joke

Seriously, look at this picture...

The man in the middle is the British Prime Minister. Good suit, straight back, no complaints so far. The man on the right still wearing his pyjamas is an Iman at the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan - he's foreign so let's not judge him, and the bare-footed woman showing her painted toes on the left is a peer of realm and Chairman of the Conservative Party - Baroness Warsi! 

Just for contrast here's a picture of the previous Chairman of the Conservative Party...

That's Eric Pickles. Which of the two actually looks like a Chairman of the Conservative Party, and which one looks like a girl with absolutely no gravitas or sense of the importance of her role tagging along while the grown-ups talk?

And while we're posting pictures of party chairmen, here's Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party...

Frankly he'd slide into the role of Chairman of the Conservative Party with scarcely a ripple. Of course he would never accept the position - not being a Tory. But how the painted lady got the job is anyone's guess!

Oh, and while our brave leader "Dave" Cameron was in Pakistan he promised them a donation of £650 million from the long-suffering British taxpayers. That was nice of him, wasn't it?

How much is £650 million anyway? Well, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all introduced free prescriptions. If your doctor says you need medicine, you get it, for free. But in England we still have to pay for prescription medicine. We pay £450 million a year. Yes, "Dave" has just casually given away enough in a single overseas visit to finance free prescriptions in England for a year and a half.

What a loon!