Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Olympic annecdotals

Not reported by the mainstream media but this blog understands that at an Olympic venue last week 16 G4S guards were expected to attend with Met police also present. Only 2 G4S bods turned up and one of them immediately attracted the attention of the drugs sniffer dog the police had brought with them. Cannabis was found in his pocket and he was dully arrested, leaving only 1 G4S guard on duty.

On a brighter note, early reports from the Olympic Park indicate that the squaddies on duty are very perky - it seems they prefer this duty to Afghanistan.

Monday, 23 July 2012

BBC still blatantly censoring the news

Compare this report from the Sun newspaper...
A CRAZED teenager was floored by security after trying to grab the Olympic torch while screaming "Allahu Akbar" - Arabic for "God is great".
and a report on the same incident from the BB...
A teenager has been charged with offences relating to an attempt to snatch the Olympic torch in Kent.
Notice a few facts missing from the BBC's report? They have completely suppressed the muslim nature of the attack. Read their article in full - nowhere does it mention the boy shouted "allahu akbar".

For some reason the BBC acts like it is the self-appointed defender of immigration and diversity and routinely covers up any news which could cast doubt on the advisability of hosting an alien culture in our country.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Emma West, trial postponed again

Gawd, this is like pulling teeth. Emma West, tram lady, has had her trial at Croydon Crown court postponed again.

Emma West: Tram lady

The timetable for this alleged offence now looks something like this:

Oct 18, 20011, Incident on tram
June 11, 2012, First trial date
July 16, 2012, Second trial date
Sept, 5, 2012, Third trial date

Each time the trial is aborted to allow time for more medical reports. And one must presume, to have her ground down by the system a bit more.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

ONS releases some immigration stats

The ONS has provided a preview of the 2011 census. They have released some bare-bones immigration numbers. The UK population has gone up by four million people in the last decade. This is mainly due to two factors: immigration, and immigrants having children.

Of course we already knew the country has been swamped by immigrants. We can tell just by walking down the street. The ONS seems to be softening us up slowly though. They have not yet released the ethnicity or religion numbers.

As a reminder this is how the country stood in 2001:

It will be very interesting to see how the numbers have changed in the last ten years. I have a feeling certain religious groups will have grown massively. (Once we have two data points we can start making projections.)

Police vehicles banned from Olympic sites

As you will have heard G4S (Group 4 + Securicor, geddit?) has failed to recruit several thousand security guards for the Olympics and police and army personnel are being drafted in to plug the gap. The G4S share price now looks like Beachy Head.

But, horrors, some police are off-message. Their vehicles are not Mercedes - official car of the Olympic games. Rumours now abound that police with lesser vehicles are being told to park away from Olympic venues to avoid brand infringement.

Also, police drinking bottled water that is not Evian are being shuffled off behind the scenes.

You could not make it up.

Monday, 16 July 2012

BBC Television Centre sold

Television Centre, the BBC's television hub, the iconic asbestos-ridden 1960s building, which was the home of all BBC television for so long has been sold to a developer for £200 million - just £3 million less than the annual wage bill for their star performers. Contracts were exchanged on Saturday. In theory the building is Grade II listed and cannot be modified; however it seems likely that the buyer will try to get around that.

Television production has been migrating to "Manchester" over the last few years. "Manchester" because in fact the new site is Salford Quays which is a piece of scrub land on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal.

The Site has been developed by a company called Peel Group which has built the studio space. The studios are now operated by Peel Media. Peel Group has also built several blocks of luxury apartments to house the incoming television workers. These apartments are available to rent or buy from Peel Property; parking spaces cost extra; and once ensconced the TV worker will be paying a ground rent to Peel Group and buying his/her electricity and water from Peel Power.

Peel Group is majority owned by an individual called John Whittaker. Persuading the government that the Beeb should move north to a patch of land he owns has been a real coup for him. Henceforth, by direct and indirect means a substantial fraction of your license fee will be landing in his pocket.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Diamonds are not forever

Bob Diamond, American banker, life member of The Council on Foreign Relations, CEO of Barclays until 7:30 this morning, has resigned.

Bizarrely, Marcus Agius, British banker, husband of Katherine de Rothschild, who resigned as Chairman of Barclays yesterday, now seems to have unresigned and is taking over Bob Diamond's role, pro tem, until a new CEO can be found.

Bob Diamond is scheduled to appear before the Treasury Committee of the House of Commons tomorrow to give evidence on the general subject of LIBOR fixing (2.15pm, not to be missed.)

Quite why Diamond has decided to walk the plank is unclear at the moment. In an email to all staff yesterday he vowed to stay and work to restore the bank's reputation, but overnight it seems he has had a change of heart and quit. (Incidentally wrong-footing some newspapers which today are reporting in their print versions that he intends to cling on to his job.)

Some people are speculating that after he has been grilled by the committee he would not have a job to go back to anyway, and it looks better to perform an honourable jump rather than be pushed. However he may have strictly personal reasons for quitting: he may have options that vest immediately if he leaves the company and he may want to cash up his holdings in Barclays before the coming storm decimates the share price.