Thursday, 19 December 2013

Death by hanging for Rigby killers

Death by hanging is what the two Michaels, Adebolajo and Adebowale, both British-born of Nigerian descent, both Christians converted to Islam, deserve, as they have today been convicted of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Of course death by hanging is not what they will get. Instead it will be life in prison, probably with the possibility of parole - that remains to be seen, the judge will decide - and inside they will be role models to the large muslim population. 
The two murderers offered the court the defence that they were "soldiers of Allah" but this nonsense was rejected by the jury after a 90 minute deliberation.
Private Rigby was selected largely at random on the basis that he was in the vicinity of the barracks at Woolwich and was wearing a Help for Heroes tee-shirt. He leaves behind a distraught family and one small child.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Gotta love the Indians

The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that male homosexual intercourse is illegal. The judgment finds that it is unnatural, immoral and the reflection of a perverse mind.

Violators will be liable to ten years in prison, and a fine!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Snowden may get amnesty

Back in July I blogged that the signficant difference between Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning is that Snowden had access to TOP SECRET intel, but Manning only had a SECRET clearance.

Now the benefits of this are becoming apparent. The NSA seems to be flirting with the idea of granting Snowden an amnesty in return for his not releasing any more files.

Clearly Snowden knows too much - and one must assume he has held back some dynamite stuff about the intelligence agencies and they are deathly afraid he will reveal it.

Of course if he gets and accepts the amnesty and returns to the USA he is going to need some serious insurance to avoid being bumped off; insurance in the form of data disks to be made public in the event of his death perhaps.

Julian Assange has much the same insurance. Various newspapers are holding encrypted disks and only Assange knows the key. He could make one phone call and put everything in the public domain.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lloyd Pye is dead

Probably the people reading this don't know who Lloyd Pye was.

Lloyd Pye is a name that one day will rank equal with Darwn or Einstein, but yesterday, like so many of the greats, he died impoverished and in obscurity.

Come back in a hundred years and everyone will know his name.

Lloyd Pye

Monday, 9 December 2013

Marine A named and jailed

He is Sergeant Alexander Blackman, aged 39, and he will serve 10 years minimum of a life sentence.

A petition for his conviction to be quashed can be found here

This blog considers that since the identity of the victim is unknown; whether the victim actually died is unknown, and if the victim died, whether he died as a result of Sgt Blackman's single pistol shot or it was the previous burst of 30mm 600-rounds-per-minute shots from the chain gun on an Apache helicopter that actually killed him, is also unknown, that the conviction is unsafe.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Nelson Mandela, dead

Nelson "Madiba" Mandela, aged 95, died yesterday 5th December 2013, at 8.50PM (local time) at his home in Johannesburg, surrounded by his family, including his second and third wives.

Today the news is full of adulation for the former mass murderer and president. Typical would be Evan Davis' question to Tony Blair on BBC Radio 4 this morning.

Davis: "Mr Blair, when did you first realise that Nelson Mandela was no ordinary Nobel Peace Prize winner but actually one of the greats?"

Tony Blair's response was so trite it is not worth reporting

There will be three days of official mourning in South Africa, then a state funeral.

This is a very sad time, especially for George Osborne who could reasonably have expected the news to be all about him given that he delivered his Autumn Statement to parliament yesterday.

After the announcement of the death people congregated near Mandela's house and started dancing a form of dance called toyi-toyi which involves jumping up and down and stamping feet to intimidate enemies, and singing "Liberation" songs in Xhosa including the words "Kill the whites." The British media have not been offering English translations of the songs, although they have been playing them.

This is now a dangerous time for the 3 or 4 million whites remaining in South Africa. Many blacks have made no secret of the fact that they were only waiting for the death of Mandela before embarking on a white genocide.

Presumably the South African government will heavily repress mass violence during the mourning and funeral. The eyes of the world will be on the country and many world leaders will wish to attend the funeral. But the months that follow, after the media has moved on, will be another matter altogether.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Autumn statement, 2013

This was a much more assured performance from the chancellor than the Budget back in March. Obviously it helps when you have good news to impart.

George Osborne started by telling us that growth was up (his March prediction is now doubled to 1.4% for the year), the deficit is down, employment is up and unemployment is down (strangely these two stats can move independently of each other - there are a whole bunch of people who are neither employed not unemployed, nor even self-employed) and there was no double dip recession after all.

Chancellor: Santa Claus arrives early

For the record his GDP growth and deficit predictions are now:

       Year       Growth   Deficit
       2013/14    1.4%     £111 bn
       2014/15    2.4%     £96  bn
       2015/16    2.2%     £79  bn
       2016/17    2.6%     £51  bn
       2017/18    2.7%     £23  bn
       2018/19    2.7%     £Zero!

Most of these numbers should be ignored, but this year's might be accurate.

He now predicts that the deficit will reach zero in the year 2019, so pretty much the end of the next parliament. In his first budget in 2010 he predicted a zero deficit in 2015 so a pinch of salt is required here.

Next he came out with a few austerity measures: overall welfare spending to be capped (excluding state pensions and job-seekers) so presumably as claims go up the entitlement will go down. He will be taking £1 billion out of Whitehall's admin budget and applying capital gains tax to foreigners who sell houses here and also reducing landlords' CGT relief.

After these minor items of no great import he was into the give-aways:
  • £100 mil of LIBOR fines to go to military charities.
  • State pension up £2.95 a week.
  • Investments in infrastructure/quantum technology/shale gas
  • £1 billion in loans to build to houses.
  • Councils to sell expensive council houses to buy more cheap ones.
  • Right-to-buy your council house extended.
  • Free school meals for all for the first 3 years of school (was previously first year only.)
  • Funding for 20,000 more apprenticeships.
  • Removing cap on University places; sell student loan book to fund this.
  • Business rates reduced for small businesses.
  • Cancel employer's national insurance on under 21-year-old employees.
  • Marred couple transferable tax allowance of £1,000.
  • Council tax freeze to continue until 2015.
  • Fuel duty: 2p rise due in April cancelled.
  • Train fare rises capped at inflation (were going to be 1% above inflation.)
There were a couple of interesting changes in the state pension. First, and widely leaked in the press before the statement, the pension age for 40-somethings is going up to 68 and for 30-somethings to 69. Realistically if you're under 50 you're probably not retiring before 70.

The other change was that people over pension age can continue to make voluntary national insurance contributions to increase their pension when they finally claim it.

This could be interesting to private sector workers who do not have index-linked pensions since the state pension is guaranteed to go up by the highest of inflation, average wage increase or 2.5%. So contriving to put your eggs in this basket is very attractive to defined-contribution pensioners.

Fifty minutes after standing, Osborne sat down and up jumped Ed Balls to respond for the opposition.

Balls: It's not prices that are frozen but people

This was a difficult task for him due to all the give-aways, but he made two very good points. First he hammered hard on the fact that despite the GDP growth people's living standards are falling and have been for the entire duration of this parliament (this is because price inflation has been higher than wage inflation since 2007).

He also derided the Chancellor for borrowing more in 3 years than Labour did in 13 years - which is pretty sobering when you think about it, considering that Labour borrowed three times more that the total borrowing of all previous governments since governments were invented.

And that wrapped it up. The markets barely budged. It was not a statement likely to have any great impact.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

PISA education results

The OECD has tested half a million 15 to 16 year olds in maths, science and language. They produced a league table and various Chinese cities, South Korea, and Japan took the top seven places and the UK came 26th.

In the UK we ranked statistically equal with Ireland, Denmark, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, France, Iceland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, and Portugal.

The USA came 36th.

So obviously the Asians are doing something right in their schools and we are doing something wrong!

At least that's what the media are saying.

But before we slink off in disgrace perhaps we should have a little look behind the numbers.

Check out this graph of pupils in UK state schools who do not have English as a first language.

Percentage of foreign pupils

You might need to click on it to make out the small print, but what it says is that in 1997 less than 8% of pupils did not have English as a mother tongue and this year (2013) it is more than 18%.

Due to immigration we have seen a massive rise in non-English-speaking students in our schools. There are about 9 million children in our state schools and slightly over one and a half million of them do not have English as a first language.

The Asian countries do not take immigrants in anything other than trivial numbers. They simply do not have a statistically significant number of students who do not speak the mother tongue.

Next consider teacher-contact time. In the UK a six-hour school day is the norm. In South Korea 12 to 13 hours is not unusual, including children going home for lunch and then back to school, then home for supper and then back to school in the evening. These children are getting double the effort put into them per day. They also have a longer academic year than in the UK, 38 weeks per year to our 30 week year.

As an aside it is worth considering what all this pressure is doing to the school children. The under-15 suicide rate in the UK is 0.04%. In South Korea it is 0.54%. That is a staggering 13.5 times higher! (Source) In fact all these "successful" Asian countries have very high child suicide rates. In Japan it is 0.32%, Hong Kong 0.51% and Singapore 0.31%.

So to wrap it up - the UK actually has quite a creditable ranking when you consider the uphill task of educating a migrant influx (the BBC usually manages to show a classroom full of ethnic minorities without ever remarking on the fact that if your native language is not English it is going to be harder for you) and the reduced effort applied to every child.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Great news! Tom Daley is/is not (delete as applicable) gay

Tom Daley, who won a bronze Olympic diving medal for the UK in the 2012 London Games and was declared "world's sexiest man" by "a magazine", has come out as gay (or maybe not gay.)

The 19-year-old, who will be shooting for gold at Rio (selection permitting) is dating another man and is very happy. (Hat tip to Tony Blair for reducing the age of homosexual consent from 21 to 16.)

Tom Daley:
Likes bronze, and guys, but also gold and girls!

The BBC is lauding him; national papers are all over him - it's a great day for Tom and the Gay Community and frankly the whole country!

You see the thing is, straight white males are the "bad" people who are oppressing all the other people on planet Earth, and all the people they oppress (women, ethnic minorities, not-straight people) are the "good" people. So young Tom has jumped from the "bad" people to the "good" people, at least as far as the Left-wing media is concerned and new recruits are always welcome in politically-correct-land.

But wait, what is this in the small print? "Of course I still fancy girls...", said Tom. Whoops! That's not so good. So Tom is actually "Bi". And that means he still has one foot in the "bad" camp. (Pun not intended but I'm leaving it in anyway.) Still being half-oppressor tarnishes an otherwise feel-good story.

The solution is obvious: don't report that bit. At least not in the headlines or anywhere near the top of the article. Relegate the embarrassing not entirely gay bit to the end where hopefully not many people will see it.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Another icon ready to fall?

Paul Flowers may be about to become old and boring news. Nigella Lawson, domestic goddess, has been impugned by the suggestion that she was "off her head" on drugs. This at a trial of her former domestic staff at the Crown Court.

Naughty Nigella's head

Nigella is a much bigger scalp than Flowers. She may even outrank Bex Wade/Brooks. So back pages for the others - we want to know what naughtiness Nigella has been up to. Domestic staff are usually good for that kind of goss.

Lee Rigby trial started - media silence

The trial of the two men accused of murdering soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, south-east London has started at the Old Bailey. But you would hardly know it from the media coverage. Basically there isn't any.

Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, attended court last week. They are accused of murdering Fusilier Rigby as he walked back to Woolwich barracks on 22 May 2013. They are also accused of attempting to murder a police officer.

Adebolajo has asked to be known as Mujaahid Abu Hamza in court, while Adebowale has asked to be called Ismail Ibn Abdullah.

Hopefully the judge will tell them no to that.

At the moment legal argument is being made. A jury is expected to be empaneled in the next few days and then evidence can start to be heard.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Is there no end to the wrongdoings of the Rev Paul Flowers?

It seems every day brings a new scandal. It is difficult to keep up. To date we have...

  • Filmed buying cocaine and crystal meth.
  • Used cannabis, ketamine and GHB.
  • Used Co-op money to pay for rent boy threesomes.
  • Resigned from council after homosexual porn found on his work computer.
  • Convicted of gross indecency with man in public toilet. 
  • Suspended indefinitely as Methodist minister.
  • Fired from Co-op board over excessive expenses claims (not surprising really!)

And now, finally, he has been arrested on a charge of being concerned in the supply of drugs.

Jimmy Savile was said to have been "hiding in plain sight". And now we have another wrong-un doing the same (although there are no suggestions of paedophilia with Flowers.) How many more are there?

Monday, 11 November 2013

BNP Party Conference, 2013

The BNP Party Conference took place last month. The main topic of conversation was the Euro elections due in May next year. Nick Griffin's speech is worth a watch.


Perverse murder conviction

Marine 'A' has been convicted of murdering an Afghan insurgent at Court Martial. He will serve a notional life term in prison, but subject to release on license after a minimum number of years yet to be determined by the court.

Marines 'B' and 'C' were acquitted. They were present at the incident but did not fire the 'fatal' shot. Marines 'D' and 'E' were also present but were not charged. All  have been granted anonymity - as you can tell by the extensive use of letters of the alphabet.

It's a strange and rum conviction though. There is no body. It was not retrieved by British forces. The identity of the victim is not known. In fact we cannot even be sure that the 'victim' is dead. He may be walking around Afghanistan telling his pals, "They left me for dead but I crawled away and recovered."

And if he is dead it is by no means certain that the single 9mm shot to the torso fired by Marine 'A' actually killed him. He had been shot up by an Apache helicopter a few minutes previously so it must be a strong probability that his death resulted from the 600-rounds-per-minute chain gun on the chopper rather than the Marine's single shot.

There is the possibility of appeal to a court with civilian judges and ultimately to the UK Supreme Court. Unfortunately there is no option for Marine 'A' to go before a civilian jury, which is where his best chance of actual justice would lie.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Mis-lending compensation - how it works

First a company cold-calls you to ask if you will take a few minutes out of your busy day to answer some questions about your "lifestyle". Me? You want to know about me? I'm flattered, you will only answer if you are an airhead. Should you indulge the caller the questions will start general and then quickly they will want to know number and amounts of any loans and credit card balances you might have. They will get so personal you will probably hang up the call, but it's too late - they have you now. Your phone number and details are sold to the next caller.

The next caller is the Mis-Lending Claims company. They have heard about your debt and know a clever way you can get out of paying it. Provided your credit agreement was signed before 2007 there is a requirement it contain certain information - about 10 different pieces of information in fact. If any one of these terms is missing from the document, or the lender has just plain lost the document, then the courts cannot enforce the debt. (The post-2007 Act does not require the terms.)

So the claims company obtains your documents and scrutinizes the small print - or more usually they don't bother - the banks have taken to rolling over easily. Then the debt is gone, but there is a new one to pay the claims company; this one much more watertight.

In the process your credit rating is shot to pieces and your cards will be withdrawn and you may find it difficult to access any form of banking services in the future, but at least you got off that loan.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hinkley Point C - a bad deal

A somewhat provisional deal between the French electricity generator EDF (majority French government owned) a duo of Chinese-government owned companies and the UK DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) has been reached for the foreign companies to build and operate a pressurized water reactor (PWR) nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

It's provisional since the European Union could nix it on illegal subsidy grounds.

The deal is basically that EDF & Co will build the nuclear power plant at a cost of £16bn and then for 35 years (after 10 years of construction) they will be able to sell as much electricity as they can generate to the British consumer for a guaranteed price of £92 per megawatt hour. (The current market price for wholesale electricity is about £50 per MW/hr.) The plant will be able to generate about 3.2 gigawatts of power so with a simple sum (35 years x 365 days x 24 hours x 3200 MW/hr x £92) we can calculate that the builders will be taking home roughly £90bn of our money. A nice return on a £16bn outlay.

The government had to guarantee a wholesale electricity price of £92 per MW/hr to tempt EDF & Co to take the deal.

Not so long ago, back in 2007, the first of a new series of British submarines was launched from Barrow-in-Furness. Called the HMS Astute, it was powered by a 2 gigawatt pressurized water reactor built by Rolls-Royce Marine Power Operations Ltd in Derby. For this reactor Rolls-Royce charged the Royal Navy less than £3bn. The reactor is a sealed unit that will not be opened during the operational life of the submarine and is safe enough to have mariners living for months on end practically on top of it.

Rather than handing over our generating capacity to what effectively amounts to foreign governments, and then paying them through the nose for our electricity for decades to come, would it not have been better to ask Rolls-Royce to build a few more of these reactors and pay for them from public funds?

Ironically EDF & Co will almost certainly subcontract a lot of the nuclear engineering to Rolls-Royce anyway, and will fund  the whole operation by borrowing from British banks.

Hopefully the EU will revoke this rather bad deal and we can build our own nuclear plants.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

It's open season on blonde girls

I suppose it had to happen: first there was the Blonde Angel, a little blue-eyed blonde girl, four to six years old, initially claimed as the natural child of two of the ugliest, brown-eyed, brown-skinned Greek "Roma" (politically correct term for gypsies) you ever did see. Then she was their adopted daughter, and now who knows, seems like the paperwork is not in order and the girl has been taken away and is in the care of a charity.

Ironically, the "father" referred to the girl as like having a bomb in the house. He was right -  he's looking at twenty years for abduction.

And now another blonde girl has been found; seven years old, in Dublin, Ireland, supposedly the natural daughter of another Roma couple. The police did not believe them and the girl has been taken into protective custody. Of course we won't be seeing pictures of this little blonde girl because Ireland isn't lawless like Greece.

It seems we need a major witch-hunt. All Roma sites in Europe are going to have to be visited to see if they have got little blonde, blue-eyed girls. If they have the paperwork had better be in pristine condition otherwise there will be big trouble.

Perhaps if we do that we will find the ultimate missing little blonde girl - Madeleine McCann.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

25% of Asian men are rapists

This according to a study in the Lancet.

In fact this is the lowest level of rape found - at a site in Indonesia. The highest level was in Papua New Guinea where 4 out of 5 men self-reported as rapists. The usual victims were their girlfriends or wives although many men also reported raping stangers.

There is a compendium of the muslim rape epidemic in the UK here:

Just a thought, but perhaps these are not the kind of people we want in our country.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Quite funny

Russians blame Saudis for Syrian chemical attack

As mentioned in previous blog posts, the two powers that are very keen for the Syrian regime to fall to the rebels are: 1) Israel, because the regime supports Hezbollah which kidnaps Israeli soldiers, and 2) Saudi Arabia because the regime is Shia aligned and the rebels are Sunni.

One more or less guaranteed way to get America to join the conflict on the side of the rebels was for the regime to do something beyond the pale such as using chemical weapons. And on the 21st of August the regime did just that. They fired rockets containing sarin gas at Ghouta - a rebel-controlled suburb of Damascus.

Or did they?

The Russians are now claiming that the rockets were actually launched by Saudi forces who had infiltrated through Jordan.

Between 1,000 and 2,000 people died in the gas attacks and we all saw the long rows of dead children on our TV screens. But did the regime actually do the deed? Why would they? They had nothing to gain by it - they were basically winning the conflict in that area anyway, and they really don't want the Americans coming in on the side of the rebels.

In fact, on the day, it was reported that intercepted radio conversations between the regime HQ and field units consisted of the HQ demanding to know why chemical weapons were being used. It seems they did not order it.

Of course it's all ancient history now. The Russians wrong-footed the US-Israel-Saudi axis by brokering a chemical weapon surrender deal and it looks like the Americans will not be supporting the rebels anytime soon - which is just as well, effectively it would be America supporting Al Qaeda. The rebels are generally not Syrians. They are every Sunni militant with an AK47 for hundreds of miles in all directions.

The Russian allegation that the attack was a Saudi dirty trick therefore seems plausible. Of course it is academic now. The Israel-Saudi alliance, with their tame US president, are going to have think of something new if they want to snatch Syria from the Russians.

Monday, 30 September 2013

UKUSA Appendix K

The UKUSA treaty (pronounced You-koo-sa in intelligence circles) is the treaty set up after WWII to control the sharing of signals intelligence (SIGINT) between the USA and UK governments. Back then SIGINT was all about listening in on other governments' radio broadcasts, generally in the VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) wave bands, and using giant electromechanical "computers" to decrypt them.

The USA and the UK set up various listening stations around the world and put in place an infrastructure governed by a treaty, originally called BRUSA and then later UKUSA on how to share the effort of listening and decryption, and how to share the results.

There were in fact two versions of the treaty, a 1945 version and a major revision in 1948. Although they were very secret for many decades, the text of these agreements have now largely been made public and are available on both UK and US government websites, with a few bits still secret and blanked out.

The documents have a quaint old fashioned feel to them. In the 1945 version the UK is still referred to as the "British Empire". By 1948 this has been changed to a more politically correct "British Commonwealth". The minutes of meetings discuss such things as whether Washington is allowed to talk to the Canadians without checking with the British first. The position of the "London SIGINT board" is firm: all communication with the Canadians must come through London first - Canada belongs to us, don'tyaknow?

In fact Canada, Australia and New Zealand subsequently joined the treaty in their own right a few years later.

Although the text of these treaties are mainly public domain now, there are just a few bits which are blanked out. Some of these are obviously names, probably names of people who are still alive. Other parts are bit more mysterious. For example take Appendix K. It is completely new in the 1948 version and has no 1945 progenitor (unlike the other appendixes, and it must be said that most of the treaty is actually in its appendixes.) And every single word of the 30 pages of appendix K including its title is blanked out!

Which raises the question: what can have happened between 1945 and 1948 which necessitated a big new appendix, and is so sensitive that now 65 years later not a single word can be made public?

Help-to-buy 2

HTB2 is the bastard son of Help-To-Buy 1 and has just been brought forward by three months so that the Tories can get some cheap cheers at their party conference in Manchester.

HTB 1 and 2 were announced by Chancellor George Osborne in his budget back in March this year. HTB1 started immediately and was fairly uncontroversial. It provided a partial mortgage guarantee for buyers of newly built houses. It is economically neutral because the houses are built to satisfy the demand. Demand increases but so does supply - the net effect is no price inflation. HTB2 was announced at the same time but deferred until 2014. It provides the same mortgage guarantees, but to buyers of existing houses and thus is highly inflationary and likely to cause a house price bubble, followed by a bust.

So the timing of the introduction of HTB2 was always going to be tricky.

HTB is scheduled to last 3 years, ie, until 2016. The next general election, you will recall, is locked in for May 2015. This means we are on the second last Tory conference before the election. Clearly they have made the fine judgment call that if they start HTB2 now that will give it long enough to bring the market to a boil in time for the election but not so long that it has boiled over.

House prices are STILL not counted in the measure of inflation that the government targets (CPI) so HTB2 won't be hitting economic indicators in a bad way. And a simmering housing market generates a lot of positives - home owners feel richer; recent home buyers feel good about themselves and go out and spend on kitchens and carpets and the like; and "property professions" make fat fees.

Of course it is a short-term policy with a high price tag. What home buyers actually need is cheaper houses, not a helping hand to load up with even more debt. HTB will provide 15% equity in a house purchase. How much better would it be if the government just engineered a 15% reduction in house prices? This they could do by simply raising interest rates back to something approaching normal and removing the thumbscrews which are preventing the banks from taking action on delinquent home loans.

But if they took the non-debt route to recovery there would be a period of dismay in the housing market and all the businesses that piggyback onto it. It wouldn't last very long and the lower general level of housing costs would be beneficial forever more: people paying less for accommodation could work for less money and would spend more on other things. Business with cheaper labour would compete more effectively in the world and a bigger market share would come to the UK. The benefits of going down the non-debt route are permanent. Ever more borrowing is a temporary high.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Wonga recovery

Yesterday Chancellor George Osborne went to a building site and delivered his recovery speech. He has probably been working on it for months now and could contain himself no-longer. "Crisis over! I've fixed the economy!" he didn't quite crow yesterday.

By George, he's done it!

Two thoughts immediately occur. First, is it true? And second, if it is true isn't 20 months before the next general election too soon to start blowing your own trumpet. Surely the good news needs to be hoarded until closer to the time. Let's face it, if we're on the way up then the news will only get better for the waiting. At the very least he could have waited a couple of months and done it during the Autumn Statement to a packed House of Commons.

And is it true? Well, GDP has gone up by £9 billion in the last quarter, and they only sprayed £35 billion of borrowed money into the economy over the same time period. And employment is up, if you count the five and a half million people on zero-hour contracts as "employed". And house prices are rising - in London at any rate.

Of course, if we really are in recovery then it's time to unwind the £350bn of quantitative easing and raise the base rate from its lowest ever value of 0.5% - isn't it George?

But, no, I don't think he's going to be doing that anytime soon.

Knight to C4

Don't play chess with the Kremlin - they'll sucker punch you every time.

Yesterday John Kerry, US Secretary of State, answered a journalist's question along the lines of what would it take for America not to attack Syria with an offhand remark that Syria would have to hand over all its chemical weapons within a week, and then added, of course Syria won't be doing that.

Bad move!

Russia jumped on the opening and said they would be happy to broker that deal. The Syrian foreign minister piped up that Syria liked the deal as well and before the White House even heard the toilet flushing, their plans to bomb the Syrians back to the Stone Age were being washed down the tubes - well, were somewhat postponed anyway.

Nice move by the Russians. Tactically superior to the previous, "you attack Syria and we'll attack Saudi," which the Americans were not believing.

So now everyone can take a breather while some sort of handover plan is worked out: who will take custody of the weapons; who will inspect to ensure all the weapons are handed over; where will the weapons be taken, or can they be destroyed in-situ; who will inspect the destruction? There is a lot of detail to be worked out - and war machines are notoriously expensive to keep cocked at def con zero. Before long the boss has to say, "stand down guys, it's not going to be any day soon."

And it has to be said that the Syrian rebels are conspicuously failing to play the Great Game competently.  First it was a rebel leader eating a fallen regime soldier's heart in a YouTube video, and now they have gone and attacked a Christian village, killed a bunch of people and told the rest to convert to Islam or get beheaded. Way to go guys - that's really not going to sway the Yanks to your side!

Most Americans are already pretty unconcerned about who runs Syria. Getting them riled enough to want to intervene is a challenge. It's really only the Israeli and Saudi lobbies that are making the running here. They want the regime gone. Israel because the regime is pro-Iran and Hezbollah, and Saudi because the regime is Shia-aligned and they are Sunni (you will recall that Al Quaeda is Sunni - Bin Liner was a Saudi born and bred.)

The Russians support the regime because it gives them a navy port in the Mediterranean (they also  have Sevastopol but the Ukrainians are getting antsy about them using that) and if the regime fell and was replaced with a bunch of Sunnis it would swing yet another Gulf country into the American camp.

So, American military action has been stalled for now, a few days have been bought, but the game goes on - it's not mate yet.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Who wants to bomb Syria?

There are two groups who want the Assad regime in Syria delivered a mortal blow: the Israelis because Syria is acting as a conduit for weapons from Iran to Hezbollah which is conducting terrorist operations on Israel's northern border, and Saudi Arabia because the Syrian regime is Shia and the Saudis are Sunni and there is long enmity between Saudi and Iran.

Does anyone really believe that the US government will be able to resist the twin pressures of Saudi oil money and the Jewish lobby? Of course not.

And will the UK be able to resist the call to arms from the USA? Again, this is not likely - the UK government has too much to lose if we piss off the Americans. They might stop sub-contracting spying work to us!

So Assad, your butt is toast!

The net result of Western intervention will be to even up the relative powers of the regime and the rebels. This will prolong the conflict, cause more deaths than would otherwise have happened and eventually bring about a Western-hating Muslim Brotherhood government in Syria. Job done!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

We have a very stupid Home Secretary

Seriously, how short do your political antennae have to be before you cannot see that using terror legislation on the Brazilian "partner" of a Guardian journalist is going to blow up in your face spectacularly?

Hom Sec: Dim bulb but not long life
Even Lord Falconer, the former Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice has said that David Miranda's detention was illegal - the law allows the detention of a person suspected of being in possession of information relating to terrorism, and only for the purpose of obtaining that information.
No-one ever thought Miranda had information on terrorism. During his detention he was not asked a single question on terrorism. No, he was detained purely to apply indirect pressure on his homosexual lover Glenn Greenwald who has been in contact with Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower, in Russia.

Note that Greenwald himself was not detained. Why? Two reasons: first Greenwald is a US citizen and second he is a lawyer as well as a journalist. When riding roughshod over the rights of a foreigner passing through your country it is best to pick the confused, non-English-speaking, out-of-his-depth citizen of a third-world country, rather than an American lawyer. American lawyers can be a bit picky about rights and stuff.

But coming back to Teressa May, Home Secretary. Perhaps she was too busy shooting up in the loo to take in what she was being told (insulin - she's diabetic.) She was told ahead of time what the police were planning. All she had to do was say, "No f***ing way!!" Even a one-brain-celled Minister would know that this potato was too hot to hold. 

Instead she has made the government look like a beetle-browed bully, has opened up us the tax-payers for a hefty compensation bill (will she be reaching into her own pocket? I doubt it) and aggravated the Brazilians (ambassador called in for a rocket) who haven't really gotten over the British police shooting dead Jean-Charles de Menezes yet and the Guardian newspaper who aren't going to let go of this bone any time soon.

The Prime Minister may yet have to throw our Teressa under a bus just to pacify all concerned.

Monday, 19 August 2013

David Miranda: This looks bad

David Miranda, "partner" of guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald who reported on the Edward Snowden NSA leaks, was detained by the police for nine hours while passing through Heathrow on his way home to Brazil. Powers under the Terrorism Act 2000 were used.

These powers are substantial. A person may be detained if (a) he is at a port [including an airport] or in [a] border area, and (b) the [...] officer believes that the person’s presence at the port or in the area is connected with his entering or leaving Great Britain or Northern Ireland or his travelling by air within Great Britain or within Northern Ireland. [Terrorism Act 2000, Schedule 7, Section 2]

There is a maximum detention period of nine hours and during this the detained person is legally required to answer all questions the detaining officer asks - no right to silence applies. The detained person's property may be taken away and held for seven days. Legally the officer may pull hair out by the roots from the detained person's head; may take fingerprints and photographs and may arrange for a doctor to take samples such as blood and dental impressions.

There is no requirement for terrorism to have occurred or be suspected.

These powers are draconian and are a legacy of the ultra-authoritarian Blair/Brown government. At the moment we do not know why the police chose to subject David Miranda to this treatment - one must suspect that it is an attempt to put indirect pressure on Greenwald himself.

One can only hope that this heavy-handed (but lawful) operation will cause such such a public outcry that the Terrorism Act act has to be revised.

PPI compensation fuels economy

Over the last year or so the banks have been compensating people for mis-selling payment protection insurance (PPI) on loans that they had taken out. About £10bn has been handled out and the ONS has worked out that this is actually fueling economic growth.

Effectively banks are now taking money from savers, by reducing the savings rate, and giving it to people who had loans, who are spending it.

The interesting thing about this money flow is that the "free" money is being targeted at people who will be inclined to spend it - people who have a history of borrowing to spend rather than people who save and then spend, or just save.

Keynesian economics dictates that when the economy is in recession the government should inject cash to get the wheels turning. Usually the problem with this cash injection is that in a recession many people will feel more motivated to save than spend and cash just piles up under mattresses (metaphorically speaking). This is the classic Japanese problem: the more money you give the people the more they save and the less economic activity actually happens.

But now we have the cash aimed straight at the section of society likely to spend it. Nice!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

The future for Egypt

Supposedly somewhere between 500 and 2000 people have been killed by government forces in Egypt in the last 24 hours.

The protagonists are the "the army" and "the Muslim Brotherhood". It's the Brotherhood which has the thin veneer of legitimacy. Their man, Mohammed Morsi, was elected president last year and was last month pushed out of office and is now "under arrest for murder" in the Cairo Officers' Club. However that does not mean the Brotherhood is the side we should be rooting for.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the spearhead of the Islamic advance across Europe and America. It is the parent organisation of a myriad of smaller groups advancing the cause of Islam: some by lawful advocacy, some by quasi-lawful infiltration of existing political parties, and some by blowing people up with bombs.

America has refused to call Morsi's downfall a "coup d'etat", for the simple reason that they would have to stop sending money to the Egyptian army if the government is deemed officially illegitimate. And without the money the army would lose control.

The "army" is actually a cypher; it does not refer exclusively to the armed forces. The "army" represents a section of Egyptian society - the urban, educated, middle-class section of society to be precise. These are people who lived just fine under the long military dictatorship of Mubarak and Nasser before him; who have connections, relatives who are officers for example; who have access to army clubs and army hospitals and army schools for their children. The other half of Egyptian society, the Islamo-fundamentalist side, the Brotherhood, the ones who shout Allah Akbar while they riot, are the uneducated dross. As always Islam recruits the lowest elements, the gammas and the deltas. Of course, what these people lack in education they make up in numbers. In a straight vote they win.

But it is important for Egypt that they do not win. In true democracies, when the voting is over and the winner inaugurated everyone gets behind the new leader and tries to make the best of the situation, in the certain knowledge of two things: 1) there will soon be another election and governments can change, and 2) the government knows that one day it will be out of office and if it does anything too outrageous there will be an accounting then.

When the Brotherhood comes to power though they are not magnanimous in victory. They use the power to grind their enemies further into the dust and they have no intention of submitting themselves to a future democratic process. The Brotherhood takes the view that temporary power should be used to assure permanent power.

In that kind of environment you cannot have democracy because democracy requires a willingness to give up power, which in turn requires that the departing leader and party have confidence that they will not be persecuted and will have the opportunity to seek power again in the future.

Morsi in office was clearly bedding himself in. Top generals were sacked; a purge of the civil service was carried out, and he rewrote the constitution to give himself more power. Democracy was leaving the building. The fact that he fairly openly endorsed the killing of Jews and reneged on a promise to appoint a Christian as vice-president did not help his cause.

The coup, when it came, was "Made in America". It would not have happened without a nod from the US administration. The army needs its annual $1.5bn donation. The good things it gives its people are not free. The Brotherhood is strong in America, but not stronger than the Jewish lobby - so the green light was given when asked for.

Arabs are in fact completely incompatible with democracy. There are no democratic Arabs nations. This is not a criticism of Arabs though, they are as they are, but democracy is a European invention and does not work for Arabs. Time and time again we see that Arabs can only live peacefully under a "strong man". When Saddam Hussein was removed from Iraq the country did not embrace a democratic future - it turned to self-destruction. The same happens to any Arab nation which has its strong leader removed. We should not bemoan the lack of democracy in an Arab nation - their options are only tyranny or chaos. Tyranny is the better choice. This is the nature of the Arab. Remember that Islam teaches that man-made law is forbidden, only God can give law to man. And Islam is not the word of God - it is an Arab-made religion; made by them, to suit them. Its tenets are not alien to them - they are exactly what the Arabs want.

The choices in Egypt are now: Western-friendly military dictatorship, or Islamic theocracy. And which ever side wins will expunge the other. If the West is tentative in its support of the army the Brotherhood will not be broken in spirit, nor wooed over by bribes and a full-scale civil war will erupt.

This would naturally bankrupt the nation whose most significant earning power comes from foreign tourists visiting their pyramids and beaches, Westerners do not holiday in war zones.

The army may sound like the bad guys, but they are the better option.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Look carefully Obama

You see Mr President, this is how it is done....

Prince George's birth certificate - click to enlarge

Guardsman attacked by "mixed-race" men chanting "Lee Rigby"

An 18-year-old soldier with the Coldstream Guards has been attacked in Exeter. So far known only as "Alexander", he was walking through an underpass when eight "mixed-race" men approached him and asked if he was a member of the armed forces. When he said yes they attacked him with kicks and punches, all the while chanting "Lee Rigby".

Location of attack

He did manage to get away, but the ringleader was trying to get a screwdriver out during the attack and it seems the intent was murder.

In this incident there has been no permanent injury or lasting harm. But this is getting serious. Do our soldiers have to travel in groups just to be safe now? Or perhaps they have to be confined to barracks permanently? Neither is practical or would be acceptable to them.

Obviously getting Islam out of the UK is the real answer, but until then perhaps the MOD should consider supplying soldiers with personal protection weapons and requiring them to go armed whenever off base.

That it should have come to this is ridiculous though.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Trouble in Trappes

Events in Trappes have not so far impinged on the British media consciousness but they are the talk of France. Probably this is due to journalistic indolence rather than any serious attempt suppress news. Also, waiting for a royal baby is far more productive than reporting the collapse of law and order in the country next door.

But we should pay attention to France, simply because they are slightly closer to the edge of the cliff than us. What happens in France today will happen in the UK in a few years' time.

Trappes is basically a suburb of Paris; a collection of towns about 15 miles from the centre of Paris. A couple of weeks ago a muslim lady from Trappes was minding her own business, walking along the street in a full-face, illegal-in-France, veil, a respectful few paces behind her husband when a policeman decided to ask to see some ID and her face. The husband took this badly and attempted to strangle the policeman. Some other policemen then arrested the man and took him to the local "commissariat" (police station) in Trappes. Not unreasonably, you might think.

Illegal full-face veil

However the local muslim population decided to spring him from jail and that night 300 of them surrounded the station, throwing stones and burning cars. A rather coy BBC report referred to youths rather than muslims. The French interior minister sent in the infamous French riot police to protect the station (successfully) and the man in question was later released on bail.

Nighttime rioting then spread to other towns in the area. The French government tries hard not to publish provocative numbers but it seems that so far 21 police officers have been injured; 256 cars have been burned and 337 fireworks/petrol bombs have been launched at police. (The fireworks are reported as "tirs de mortiers" which means mortar rounds - but this should not be taken literally, yet!)

All this because one woman was told to take off a burqa which is illegal in France anyway.

A low-grade civil war has been rumbling along in France ever since 2005 when two "youths" hid from police in an electrical substation and were killed, triggering three months of rioting.

The good news is this can never happen here in the UK because burqas are not illegal here. In fact in UK they are more likely to become compulsory before they ever become illegal!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Pope: "Who am I to judge gay people?"

Francis the First came out with this amazing remark while on his first overseas visit as pontiff, to Brazil.

Perhaps he has taken to heart the Biblical injunction [Matthew 7.1] "Judge not least ye be judged."

But still, he is the boss of half a million ordained priests and the spiritual leader of a billion Catholics worldwide, surely he should have some sort of opinion on gay people? What is the point of a church if it does not have opinions?

Friday, 26 July 2013

GDP growth 0.6%

Apparently the UK is back on the road to growth with GDP rising at an impressive 0.6% quarter on quarter.

We have a £1.4 trillion economy so in the last three months UK PLC has grown by 8.4 billion pounds.

The only trouble is the government has borrowed about 35 billion pounds over the same time period. This is money that has been borrowed and injected into the economy to pay for government spending. And the economy did not even grow by the amount spent!

Clearly there is an underlying collapse of economic activity. Without the government bung the economy would have shrunk by more than 5%.

This is unsustainable. The government cannot keep borrowing forever.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Olympic athletes on the run

Last year seventy thousand athletes and officials came to London for the Olympics, but seventy thousand did not go home again. No one really knows how many stayed on - they were not checked out in any systematic manner but now the government has received asylum requests from 79 of them and many others have simply walked off into the London ethnic morass.

Officials have refused to give a full breakdown of the asylum seekers’ nationalities because, they claimed, it risked identifying them, but it is thought the vast majority are African.

This blog reckons the sprinters will be particularly hard to catch.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nelson Mandela, 95 today

Happy Birthday Nelson! Or should we call you "Madiba" now that you don't really like your fine old English war-hero name? Ninety-five years? That's pretty impressive. The Robbin island prison regime must have been good for you after all.

Nelson has lived so long that some of his children have died of old-age. Which does raise the question: how many children does he have? Well, officially six, but since he couldn't keep it zipped the real number is likely much higher and the chances are even he doesn't know.

Another question that might come to mind is: how many people has he killed with his bombings and shootings (quite a lot of the victims, it must be admitted, ANC members.) Our Nelson co-founded and was leader of "MK" - the Spear of the Nation - which could be called the Provisional Wing of the ANC. The blood of hundreds of people is on his hands. You didn't think he was sent to jail for 27 years for being a nice guy, did you? His ex-wife Winnie is also not adverse to the occasional killing - we all remember 14-year-old Stompie Moeketsi, don't we? Abducted on Winnie's orders and later found with his throat slit. And he was not the only one.

So murder is a bit of a family business. But hey, you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. And look how nice South Africa is now!

Channel 4 dhimmitude

In "honour" of Ramadan, Channel 4 is now broadcasting the Muslim call to prayer morning and night, and giving the prayer times during the weather reports, right after the pollen counts.

Drummer Lee Rigby is barely cold in his grave and Ch4 is endorsing the religion in whose name he was killed. Of course, they are just attention-seeking really. They want to be controversial and "cutting edge" and get talked about. So probably we should just ignore this next step in the Islamification of the UK. But let us not forget that Channel 4 is a British government-owned TV broadcaster just as much as the BBC.

Islam is not (yet) the official religion of the UK. Ch4 has no business supporting it in this way. The fact they are doing it out of contrariness rather than genuine appreciation of the religion (a fact muslims should find insulting, btw) is only of minor mitigation. Tax-payers' money should not be spent in this way.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Bradley Manning vs Edward Snowden

Manning is currently in US military custody and on trial for leaking about a half a million classified documents to Wikileaks. Snowden leaked to the Guardian newspaper details of various intelligence gathering programs and is currently stuck in a transit area of Sheremetevo, one of Moscow's three international airports.

So what is the big difference between the two?

Well one is slightly more at liberty than the other but the big difference is that Manning had SECRET clearance while Snowden had TOP SECRET clearance. Both have stashed encrypted DVDs containing stolen documents yet to be made public, but Snowden's "insurance policy" is likely to be far more effective than Manning's.

Manning had quantity and Snowden has quality.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Emma West, end game

Tram Lady Emma West has reached the end of her ordeal. In a negotiated settlement she pleaded guilty and was given a minimal sentence "bound over to keep the peace", and a mental health treatment order.

There is a good write-up here.

Of course she was outrageously persecuted by the authorities who never dared actually try her - she was persuaded to plead guilty eventually.

Will we see any of the blacks who have mouthed off on public transport in the same way in court? Probably not.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

G8: Bilderberg after-party

Last week we had the Bilderberg meeting in sunny Watford and now we're having the after-party in Northern Ireland. It's all the same people but this time they announce their decisions. The key decision is whether to join the Syrian civil war, and if so, on which side?

The side question is tricky - since there are about 1,000 sides. You've got "the government" as one side, and then 999 other factions which are fighting the government and maneuvering to fight each other as soon as the government is defeated. About 93,000 people are thought to have died so far (so a small war by recent middle-eastern standards.)

Islam basically divides into two major sections: Sunni and Shia. There are also Kurds and Sufis and Alawites and lots of other sects, but Sunni and Shia are the two biggies. The Western world is in thrall to the Sunni faction, which notably, controls Saudi Arabia - the big beast of the middle-east.

Saudi money talks in the West. Of the 1,000 or so mosques in the UK 999 are Sunni. American big business is all about buying from the Saudis (oil) or selling to them (weapons). The Shia, whose main power base is Iran, are out of the loop. The Shia used to run Iraq but after two American Gulf wars that country has now been handed over to the Sunni. The regime in Syria is currently Shia-aligned, although Basher Al-Assad himself is Alawite. Historically the Assad dictatorship has been of the same "we look after our friends whatever religion they are" outlook as Saddam Hussein was. Saddam even had Christians in his government! But in its hour of need the Syrian government has found itself in the Shia camp.

So the challenge for the West is to enter the Syrian civil war on a side that results in a Sunni faction getting control of the country. This would please Saudi which would lavish the cash on its tame American politicians, and would also please Israel which is menaced by a terrorist organisation slash political party called Hezbollah based in the Lebanon. Hezbollah "Party of God (but not your God)" is a Shia organisation with the charming habit of nipping into Israel, kidnapping Israeli soldiers guarding the border and holding them hostage for a few years, before returning them dead. Hezbollah is funded and equipped by Iran and Syria.

So turning Syria Sunni would be very appealing to Israel. Hezbollah could be attacked from two fronts: Israel in the South and Syria in the North and the Iranians would have to send their aid through two Sunni countries (Iraq and Syria) to get it to the Lebanon - very little would get through. The Party of God could be reduced to the Intimate Soirée of God and cease to be much of a threat.

So the Americans are being hustled down the war-in-Syria path by two major factors: Saudi money and Israeli influence. While there is no obvious reason why the Americans would want to get involved in a very dirty little civil war where there is really nothing for them to gain and everything to lose - with that kind of an un-Holy alliance working on them, they probably will.

The main challenge for everyone else at the G8 is not to get dragged in as well.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Demo fiasco in Westminster

The plan was for the BNP and like-minded supporters to congregate in Woolwich on Saturday 1st June, at the entrance to the Royal Artillery barracks and march to the Lewisham Islamic Centre. The purpose of this was to draw attention to the not widely-reported fact that at least one of Lee Rigby's murderers learned his beheading craft at that mosque.

Killer: Took classes in "self-defence" at Lewisham Mosque
The class timetable is still available on the Lewisham Mosque's website. The type of "self-defence" they teach there is called Wing Chun - an Oriental martial art which includes the use of knives, cleavers and the thrown dart. 

In the past muslim fundamentalists have had to travel abroad  to learn to kill. Now the training, and the beheading, is happening right here in the UK. This represents a new escalation in the muslim encroachment on our country.
Until recently you could actually view the mosque's impressive collection of knives and meat cleavers on their website.
Unfortunately the police decided they would not be able to keep the patriots safe in Woolwich and ordered the march moved to Westminster. At this point another organisation, Unite Against Fascism, decided they would organise a counter-demo to oppose the BNP.

The police then directed that the BNP would meet in Old Palace Yard directly outside the Houses of Parliament and march to the Cenotaph in the middle of Whitehall, while the UAF would meet at the other end of Whitehall near Trafalgar Square.

The patriots dully congregated at 1PM on the grass near the statue of King George V - grandfather of our current queen. Realistically there were never more than about 50 of them (the BBC reported 150.) However there were at least 100 freelance photographers and another 100 reporters/TV crews.
Old Palace Yard: Before the demo, statue of George V in foreground
For the first couple of hours the BNP did very little but stand around and watch the show. The "show" being the sight of a pitched battle between the police and the UAF who broke out of their area and charged down Whitehall.
UAF advance down Whitehall

The police managed to stop them before they actually broke into Old Palace Yard. There were probably about 1000 UAF and two or three hundred police, plus two police helicopters, twenty police vans, and two red London double decker buses brought in by the police to take away the people they arrested.

UAF stopped at the entrance to Old Palace Yard

Then for about two hours the BNP were treated to the sight of UAF protesters being arrested and marched to the double decker buses, until eventually one was full and was driven away. According to the BBC there were 58 arrests in all. (The BBC unaccountably failed to mention that all the arrested persons were UAF supporters. Not a single person on the BNP side was arrested.) In fact while the police in riot gear were fighting a pitched battle with the UAF conventionally dressed officers mingled with the crowd on the BNP side.

UAF supporter being taken to the bus

In due course the BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin MEP, was able to get through the rioters and spoke to the crowd. However what he said no-one knows, owning to there being two police helicopters overhead.

 BNP Chairman Nick Griffin, MEP

The plan for the BNP supporters to march to the Cenotaph was abandoned late in the day. Until about 4PM the police were claiming they would be able to force the UAF back to clear a route, but that never happened. At 5PM they asked the BNP crowd to disperse, which they did (to a pub for a buffet supper.)

Needless to say - the issue of Lee Rigby's beheading was lost in the tumult.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Woolwich killing

Yesterday two black men drove a 3-series BMW up onto the pavement outside Woolwich barracks, knocked down an off-duty soldier (apparently identified by the fact he was wearing a Help For Heroes T-shirt). They then jumped out of the car and hacked off the soldier's head, all the while shouting the generic Islamic phrase Allahu akbar - God is great. They then extensively mutilated the body.

There are reports that some onlookers joined in the chanting of Allahu akbar. The police arrived and the black men pointed firearms at them. The police fired guns and both black men were injured - one seriously. At this time both men remain in hospital.

Later 250 EDL supporters congregated at the scene and a couple were arrested.

Bizarrely one of the black men apologised to passers-by for the sight of the dead soldier lying in the road.

It is worthy of note that this is unusual in London but there are plenty of places in the world where such violence would pass largely unremarked. These places are home to two types of people: Africans or muslims. In South Africa or in Iraq this would actually have been a more peaceful day than normal.

Also note the means of death - beheading with a knife. The two men had firearms but they chose to behead instead. This is in accordance with the Koran which instructs that the infidel should be beheaded. Shooting would have been easier and simpler but a religiously motivated killing must follow the correct protocol. The Koran also prescribes the manner in which the infidel's body should be mutilated.

The two black men then made no attempt to escape, showed no remorse, and engaged passers-by in conversation. It is clear they felt no guilt at what they had done; indeed they seem to have felt completely justified. It seems they selected a victim more or less at random, based largely on proximity to the army barracks and the victim's garb. Their preparation is likely to have been minimal, black market firearms are easily obtained in London, the knives and meat cleavers are commercially available. There is really no way the authorities could have predicted or prevented the attack.

If the two black men regain enough health to be taken to court they will certainly be tried for murder. On conviction the sentence would be "life" which probably means about 30 years served. Their jail time will not be too onerous. About 25% of the jail population is muslim - these men will be heroes inside.

There are already a multitude of lessons to be learned from this incident. Most obviously, we have allowed an implacable enemy to come and live among us. In big ways and small ways they are taking over. There are "muslim patrols" on the streets of London making sure women dress modestly and taking away alcohol. They consider certain places "muslim areas" where sharia law supersedes the law of the land. This has been going on for a couple of years now. There have also been some big atrocities - most notably the London bombings of July 2005 which killed about 50 people.

The "big new thing" about yesterday's killing was that it was carried out by Africans (blacks). Previously Asians were the main actors. At this time we don't know the origin of these blacks. There is a large population of Somalis in London. They are notoriously violent even when not in a religious fervour. At night there are areas even the police don't go. These blacks may be from Somalia, but they could equally well be home-grown. Either way their involvement is a new level of escalation.

Gangsterism and tribalism is endemic among London blacks. They are notoriously susceptible to peer pressure and the diktats of fashion. Killing soldiers could become a "fad"; maybe even a rite of passage for would-be gang members. Privately the authorities must be very alarmed. Publicly they will call it an isolated incident carried out by an unrepresentative duo. Tame muslims will be brought out to aver that the religion in no way endorses such actions. Sadly this is at best self-delusion and at worst willful deception. Islam does endorse and approve of killing infidels. In the West we are habituated to a religion which says things like, "thou shalt not kill" and emphasizes love and forgiveness. Islam is completely different. It explicitly says show no mercy. However our "great and good" use our preconception of what a religion should be like to sweep under the carpet the real nature of the threat. They will always be able to find soft-spoken Imams to lull us, all the time the muslim numbers grow and the violence increases.

The media is very much complicit in the deception. The BBC tried hard to avoid mentioning that the two killers were blacks. Some TV stations (including Sky) pixcellated their faces. When people in the area gathered to endorse the killing by chanting Allahu akbar the sound was quickly cut off.

There is clearly an establishment conspiracy to downplay the danger this country faces. Politicians talk down rather than talk up the threat. (Which is strange - they talk UP most other problems.) The media mainly plays ball. The police have been muzzled. Officers have mandatory "diversity" training and promotion requires a strict adherence to a policy of turning a blind eye to ethnic crime. Black-on-white crime gets far less media coverage than white-on-black crime. Islamic terrorism is portrayed as a series of isolated events, not part of a complete picture. Muslim rape gangs are ignored for years and prosecuted only under pressure. No-one in public life ever says muslims kill because they are muslims, or blacks commit crime because they are black. If taken to task for this they would say they do not want to stigmatise the innocent with the guilty. Not all muslims are terrorists; not all backs are criminals.

And while it is true that there are good people in all races and religions, there are enough who are inimical to us to be a big problem.

This is no-longer a law and order problem. There is no punishment so severe that a fanatical muslim would be deterred from his atrocity. It is a population problem. We have to be rid of them. We should never have let them into the country. We should not sit idly by while mosques operate in the UK.

The events of yesterday will doubtless drive even more voters into the arms of UKIP. Which is good, although not good enough. The British National Party is a better vehicle for national salvation. But UKIP will do. Many people are so cowed by the media they cannot bring themselves to vote BNP.

UKIP policy is to stop further immigration. That will not really solve the problem. Muslims are here now and their numbers and belligerence are growing. They are not integrating like immigrants are supposed to. BNP policy is to outlaw Islam and deport immigrant criminals including members of the immigrant community born in the UK. (Under BNP policy a person is considered an "immigrant" if their ancestry in the UK does not predate 1948.)

Thus the BNP would purge the country of the problematic elements, while leaving the law-abiding unaffected. Events like yesterday's would effectively be prevented by a policy of deportation at first conviction for immigrants. Those two killers will certainly have previous criminal convictions for lesser offenses such as drug dealing. They should have been got rid off at that time, not left at large and free to raise their game to the level of murder.

Only the BNP can really save the country now.

Monday, 13 May 2013

And they're out

Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce are out of jail and already home. Time served, debt to society paid, back to business. That didn't take long, did it?

This blog predicted July for the actual release and it's barely mid-May.

Of course the real punishment for them are the dreaded 'costs'. Huhne has been hit with a £100K bill and Vicky is looking at £50K approx. This is an unusual treat for the authorities - normally they can't get their costs paid because the crim has no money, least on paper the crim has no money - the swag stashed in Spain doesn't count.

Since Huhne is worth about £5M the costs won't hurt him too hard. Somewhat unfortunately the lesser crim, arguably the victim really, Vicky, may find it harder to raise the cash.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Co-op bank going down

Ratings agency Moody's has downgraded the Co-operative Bank to "junk" status.

Last month the Co-op tried to buy 632 branches from Lloyds Bank and was planning to resurrect the old TSB (Trustee Savings Bank) brand. However that deal collapsed. In retrospect it looks like an attempt to make itself "too big to fail" which didn't quite come off.

The Co-op owns two UK major entities: Smile Bank and the Britannia Building Society. Between them they have several million UK customers who around about now will be wondering where to move their money to. This blog reckons Northern Rock should be safe!  (Just kidding!)

However, if you're feeling very brave indeed, now could also be a buying opportunity. The Co-op (although mutual, not shareholder-owned) has preference shares traded on the London Stock Exchange. You could buy some of these (LSE:CPBB) and lock in close to a 9% yield forever more.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Now then, now then

In the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile affair it is really getting quite difficult to keep with all the famous names being implicated in perverted sexual offending. We now have quite a list and only time will tell us which of these are monsters and which are themselves victims of malicious allegations and trigger-happy police. Odds are good that some of them are completely innocent.

Freddie Starr, suspected hamster-eater and singer, arrested, bailed, re-arrested on suspicion of molesting a 14-year-old girl.

Jimmy Tarbuck, fat comedian, arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse of a boy. His daughter Lisa is also fat. May answer if you call 020 7769 8965.

Gary Glitter, leader of the gang, already done time for underage sex offences and back in the frame again.

Eddy Shah, founder of the Today newspaper, currently being tried for six counts of rape of a girl under 16.

Max Clifford, kiss-and-tell merchant, arrested and charged on 13 counts of indecent assault, some on under-aged girls.

Jim Davidson, notorious Tory and comedian, arrested but no-one knows for what, but no-one likes him so that's alright.

Rolf Harris, singer, cartoonist and suspected Australian, arrested on suspicion of kangaroo bondage. Two "little boys" are helping with the investigation.

Dave Lee Travis, DJ and suspected cornflake, arrested on suspicion of jiggling a woman's breasts.

Nigel Evans, MP and Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, arrested on suspicion of double male rape. He denies this categorically and it seems likely the allegation is completely spurious but he's an obvious homosexual and they are fair game.

Benny Hill, comedian and notorious woman chaser, or did they chase him - I can't remember - anyway he's dead so he can't be nicked.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The big question

Today voters in the English counties are going to polls to elect 27 county councils, two city mayors and one new MP (to replace David Miliband who is flouncing off to the USA.) There is no voting in London, nor outside England.

Obviously Labour will retain South Shields, Milipede's old seat. The mayors are irrelevant. The big question is: how will UKIP fare? Is today their big break-through?

Today is the day that everything could change. Our LibDem-Tory government could be be given the message loud and clear that the voters have given up on them and they are officially lame ducks - in office but not by the will of the people.

That said, we won't actually know until tomorrow.

(The BNP are standing slightly over a hundred candidates. It will also be interesting to see how they fare.)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Labour want to build houses

Labour have had a good idea! It's very rare and should not go unremarked. They want to take some of the money used to pay Housing Benefit, about £24bn per year, and use it to build new homes instead. This is the brainchild of Liam Byrne, shadow work and pensions secretary.

Liam Byrne: "There's no money left!"

They seem to have noticed that the government pays out the £24bn every year and this money just siphons off into the pockets of landlords, both public and private. If they used it to build instead they would end up with something tangible to show for it.

If public land were used that money could pay for a quarter of a million very nice houses to be built. Then the HB claimants could just live in them free of charge!

One slight problem that might have escaped Liam is that there are actually 5 million households claiming HB. So if his cunning plan were put into action then 0.25m families would have nice houses and the other 4.75m would be homeless. Oops! Back to the drawing board Liam.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Using gold and silver as money

I was responding to a post on John Redwood MP's blog and I liked my response so much I decided to reproduce it here. He was asking for thoughts on using gold as money, so here are mine...

Paper money must be considered a temporary currency. One day the value will fall to the cost of the ink and paper. Sterling lost 95% of its value during the 20th century and I see no reason not to suppose it won’t do the same during the 21st. (In Zimbabwe they found that no matter how many zeros they put on a banknote it wasn’t worth enough to cover the printing costs! The Zim dollar was abandoned.)

Only worth the paper it's printed on; yes really!

So forward thinking individuals are rightly looking for a better store of value and medium of exchange. Gold and silver seem to fit the bill. It’s true you cannot eat them, but they are durable, divisible and have a guaranteed scarcity. Silver would be more useful than gold actually because gold is too expensive for small transactions. You could buy a car or house with gold but the morning paper would cost a near-invisible fleck.

The US state of Arizona just last week made gold and silver coins legal tender. Their lawmakers openly admit that the paper dollar is not long for this world and some preparation is a good idea. Being legal tender means there is no sales tax on it and no capital gains tax, thus it is suitable for use as a medium of exchange.

In the UK we have a VAT exemption for gold (perhaps the only good thing Gordon Brown ever did!) but not for silver; and no CGT exemption for either. This is a good start but more legislation is needed to “monetize” the precious metals.

I believe that moving to a physical precious metal currency system would usher in an era of economic prudence. There are techniques we could use to move from paper sterling to PM coins quite seamlessly. After the necessary tax changes we could “back” paper sterling with silver at a sliding discount, eg first back it at 10% of current value then gradually raise the rate until one day the backing would be one-to-one. Then we should promptly start using actual physical coins and bars (for larger amounts) and reject paper as untrustworthy.

A bi-metallic system with gold for savings and silver for transactions seems like the best idea to me. There’s an old saying: Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants and debt is the money of slaves. We should aspire at least to be gentlemen.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Thatcher: Hero or zero?

Amazing really, she became PM more than thirty years ago and left office more than twenty years ago and yet still she arouses strong emotions. Contrast with the more recent John Major who is largely forgotten. It is said she polarized everyone - you either loved her or hated her. As a politician this is fine provided slightly more people love you than hate you.

In the film, portrayed by Meryl Streep, she was shown ending her days friendless in a dingy flat. Turns out she was living in a suite at the Ritz, receiving homage from the great and the good, like a potentate until the last, even if she was ga-ga; a suite she didn't have to pay for thanks to the enduring generosity of the owners of that hotel.

Some want to dance on her grave. This is not totally unreasonable. She harmed a lot of people beyond forgiveness. She is viewed as having shut down the coal mining industry, the steel industry, the ship-building industry and great swathes of manufacturing. There were vast job-losses and many of the blue-collar communities built around the pits or the mills or the docks never recovered. There were suicides and aging workers were on the scrapheap for life. They cannot be expected to forgive or forget.

However, back then, there was this thing called the British Disease. It was militant trade-unionism. The State owned the commanding heights of the economy: power-generation, car-making, ship-making, telecommunications, aircraft-making and the largest airline itself. This gave workers a direct tap into the tax-payers' wallet. These firms did not have to make a profit; all losses were simply picked up by the government. In that kind of zero-risk environment naturally the workers held the government to ransom - more money, better terms, or we turn off the lights, freeze transport, and stop the dead from being buried. Mrs Thatcher moved these businesses into the private sector and put then into an environment where they could go bust. It was sink or swim. And plenty of them sank. Coal-mining, ship-building, steel-production all went to the wall - effectively, although they still exist in a vestigial form even today. Others though, took off and have never looked back. (Well, BP looked back a bit, but they're over that now.)

Mrs Thatcher was the cure to the British Disease. Blaming her for the downside is a bit like blaming your oncologist for your hair falling out. Yes, she did it, but did she have much choice? Of course she could have let the country sink below the waves. We were on the path to national bankruptcy. The previous government had gone cap-in-hand to the IMF (ie, the Americans) to borrow money to support the value of the pound. (Hadn't they heard of quantitative easing?!) So the future was clear when she came to office: kill the trade unions or they would kill the country.

On the other side of the score card, Mrs Thatcher is generally credited with creating a more equal society. Before her, owning shares was a thing only toffs did. She made it so Joe Public could and would buy into the stock market. She also expanded property ownership by giving public sector tenants the right to buy the houses in which they lived. This though was a transparent attempt to create more Tory voters, effectively by bribery. The discounts offered were so generous that there was no way of using the money to build an equal number of houses to replace the public stock (which suited her of course because home-owners were seen as Tory voters and social tenants Labour-voters.)

Her deregulation of the financial markets both enabled London to become one of two world finance capitals (the other being New York) and laid the foundations for the enormous debt bubble we are currently in, and every miss-selling scandal since.

Looking back, it would probably have been better if we had kept the manufacturing industries and not had the banks. We would have done better to be more like Germany: accommodate the unions by bringing them onto the boards of the big companies and privatise by giving the shares to the workers in the firms, not selling them to all and sundry. Keep the financial sector small because it is essentially parasitic - it produces little and merely redistributes.

She was keen on treating the national budget like a household budget and ensuring that no more was spent than could be afforded. She was much reviled for this at the time, by people who claimed she did not understand macroeconomics. But it is clear in retrospect that she was right. Unfortunately she did not, or could not, lock in a balanced budget for the future. If she had we would not be in the parlous state we are currently in.

So to answer the question posed in the title of this post: hero or zero - both really, perhaps a bit more hero than zero, but only just.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Emma West, trial postponed again

Emma West "tram lady" was due in court this week, in fact she was in court, for the 5th time, but again the trial has been postponed - this time until May 10th. This will be the 6th attempt to try her for mouthing off about immigrants on a Croydon tram. This is getting ridiculous.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Immigration from Romania and Bulgaria

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) is all over the media this morning. They have produced a report telling us that the impact of allowing Romanians and Bulgarians unrestricted access to British jobs in 2014 will be limited.

Still cautious after their disastrous prediction that Poland's accession to the EU would result in 12,000 Poles moving to the UK - actual immigration: a quarter of a million in the first year! - this time they are not giving numbers, just bland assurances that everything will be fine.

The report's authors are: Heather Rolfe, Tatiana Fic, Mumtaz Lalani, Monica Roman, Maria Prohaska and Liliana Doudeva. Frankly it's amazing that the NIESR has the cheek to produce a supposedly serious work on immigration with that list of names on it - only one of them (Rolfe) looks remotely British! The others may be British on paper but clearly their ancestry is far far away.Tatiana Fic is Polish; Lalani is a muslim Asian name; who the others are we know not.

The NIESR itself is not what it seems. It calls itself an independent, politically-neutral, research institute, but it is actually deeply in cahoots with the government and exhibits a noticeable left-wing bias. It receives government funding and uses a domain name ( in the gift of the government. Its output must be regarded as tainted.

The facts-on-the-ground about Romanian and Bulgarian immigration to the UK are: the Romanians are already here, and the Bulgarians will be coming. The Romanians especially have been here for years - working illegally. They are able to travel to the UK without problem or paperwork but cannot legally work here without being sponsored by an employer and getting a work permit. The way they are getting around this is the "Italian connection".

Italy has long been the Romanians' destination of choice. In the communist era it was their nearest "free" country just the other side of  Yugoslavia, and the Romanian and Italian languages are similar enough for a Romanian to learn Italian quite easily. There is a large (and lawful, of course) Italian community in the UK and they have been using contacts back in Italy to import Romanian labour to the UK. These Romanians then work illegally in the UK, getting their orders in Italian, the men as builders, fitters, gardeners and other unskilled manual workers; the women as cleaners mainly. They are massively exploited - for them the minimum wage does not apply: £15 for a long day's cleaning work would not be unusual. The women also work in prostitution a lot! (Where at least the wages are quite a bit higher.)

The Bulgarians have a greater affinity with their southern neighbour Greece and have not come to the UK in anywhere near the same numbers as the Romanians. They do not have any equivalent of the Italian connection to ease them into this country. Once they are able to work and claim benefits in the UK this will change. The Bulgarian economy is a basket-case; the poverty is extreme. We will see them in large numbers, as will the other Northern European EU nations. Even if they cannot find work it will be worth it for the benefits.

Clearly opening our country to these migrants will be harmful to us. We have three million unemployed people, plus another two million under-employed or notionally classed as disabled but able to work given a sporting chance. Although one naturally feels sorry for these immigrants who only want to improve their circumstances and are exploited in the UK (generally not by Brits though - an "English employer" is the Holy Grail for illegal immigrants) it is not in our national interest to admit them to the country.