Thursday, 23 May 2013

Woolwich killing

Yesterday two black men drove a 3-series BMW up onto the pavement outside Woolwich barracks, knocked down an off-duty soldier (apparently identified by the fact he was wearing a Help For Heroes T-shirt). They then jumped out of the car and hacked off the soldier's head, all the while shouting the generic Islamic phrase Allahu akbar - God is great. They then extensively mutilated the body.

There are reports that some onlookers joined in the chanting of Allahu akbar. The police arrived and the black men pointed firearms at them. The police fired guns and both black men were injured - one seriously. At this time both men remain in hospital.

Later 250 EDL supporters congregated at the scene and a couple were arrested.

Bizarrely one of the black men apologised to passers-by for the sight of the dead soldier lying in the road.

It is worthy of note that this is unusual in London but there are plenty of places in the world where such violence would pass largely unremarked. These places are home to two types of people: Africans or muslims. In South Africa or in Iraq this would actually have been a more peaceful day than normal.

Also note the means of death - beheading with a knife. The two men had firearms but they chose to behead instead. This is in accordance with the Koran which instructs that the infidel should be beheaded. Shooting would have been easier and simpler but a religiously motivated killing must follow the correct protocol. The Koran also prescribes the manner in which the infidel's body should be mutilated.

The two black men then made no attempt to escape, showed no remorse, and engaged passers-by in conversation. It is clear they felt no guilt at what they had done; indeed they seem to have felt completely justified. It seems they selected a victim more or less at random, based largely on proximity to the army barracks and the victim's garb. Their preparation is likely to have been minimal, black market firearms are easily obtained in London, the knives and meat cleavers are commercially available. There is really no way the authorities could have predicted or prevented the attack.

If the two black men regain enough health to be taken to court they will certainly be tried for murder. On conviction the sentence would be "life" which probably means about 30 years served. Their jail time will not be too onerous. About 25% of the jail population is muslim - these men will be heroes inside.

There are already a multitude of lessons to be learned from this incident. Most obviously, we have allowed an implacable enemy to come and live among us. In big ways and small ways they are taking over. There are "muslim patrols" on the streets of London making sure women dress modestly and taking away alcohol. They consider certain places "muslim areas" where sharia law supersedes the law of the land. This has been going on for a couple of years now. There have also been some big atrocities - most notably the London bombings of July 2005 which killed about 50 people.

The "big new thing" about yesterday's killing was that it was carried out by Africans (blacks). Previously Asians were the main actors. At this time we don't know the origin of these blacks. There is a large population of Somalis in London. They are notoriously violent even when not in a religious fervour. At night there are areas even the police don't go. These blacks may be from Somalia, but they could equally well be home-grown. Either way their involvement is a new level of escalation.

Gangsterism and tribalism is endemic among London blacks. They are notoriously susceptible to peer pressure and the diktats of fashion. Killing soldiers could become a "fad"; maybe even a rite of passage for would-be gang members. Privately the authorities must be very alarmed. Publicly they will call it an isolated incident carried out by an unrepresentative duo. Tame muslims will be brought out to aver that the religion in no way endorses such actions. Sadly this is at best self-delusion and at worst willful deception. Islam does endorse and approve of killing infidels. In the West we are habituated to a religion which says things like, "thou shalt not kill" and emphasizes love and forgiveness. Islam is completely different. It explicitly says show no mercy. However our "great and good" use our preconception of what a religion should be like to sweep under the carpet the real nature of the threat. They will always be able to find soft-spoken Imams to lull us, all the time the muslim numbers grow and the violence increases.

The media is very much complicit in the deception. The BBC tried hard to avoid mentioning that the two killers were blacks. Some TV stations (including Sky) pixcellated their faces. When people in the area gathered to endorse the killing by chanting Allahu akbar the sound was quickly cut off.

There is clearly an establishment conspiracy to downplay the danger this country faces. Politicians talk down rather than talk up the threat. (Which is strange - they talk UP most other problems.) The media mainly plays ball. The police have been muzzled. Officers have mandatory "diversity" training and promotion requires a strict adherence to a policy of turning a blind eye to ethnic crime. Black-on-white crime gets far less media coverage than white-on-black crime. Islamic terrorism is portrayed as a series of isolated events, not part of a complete picture. Muslim rape gangs are ignored for years and prosecuted only under pressure. No-one in public life ever says muslims kill because they are muslims, or blacks commit crime because they are black. If taken to task for this they would say they do not want to stigmatise the innocent with the guilty. Not all muslims are terrorists; not all backs are criminals.

And while it is true that there are good people in all races and religions, there are enough who are inimical to us to be a big problem.

This is no-longer a law and order problem. There is no punishment so severe that a fanatical muslim would be deterred from his atrocity. It is a population problem. We have to be rid of them. We should never have let them into the country. We should not sit idly by while mosques operate in the UK.

The events of yesterday will doubtless drive even more voters into the arms of UKIP. Which is good, although not good enough. The British National Party is a better vehicle for national salvation. But UKIP will do. Many people are so cowed by the media they cannot bring themselves to vote BNP.

UKIP policy is to stop further immigration. That will not really solve the problem. Muslims are here now and their numbers and belligerence are growing. They are not integrating like immigrants are supposed to. BNP policy is to outlaw Islam and deport immigrant criminals including members of the immigrant community born in the UK. (Under BNP policy a person is considered an "immigrant" if their ancestry in the UK does not predate 1948.)

Thus the BNP would purge the country of the problematic elements, while leaving the law-abiding unaffected. Events like yesterday's would effectively be prevented by a policy of deportation at first conviction for immigrants. Those two killers will certainly have previous criminal convictions for lesser offenses such as drug dealing. They should have been got rid off at that time, not left at large and free to raise their game to the level of murder.

Only the BNP can really save the country now.

Monday, 13 May 2013

And they're out

Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce are out of jail and already home. Time served, debt to society paid, back to business. That didn't take long, did it?

This blog predicted July for the actual release and it's barely mid-May.

Of course the real punishment for them are the dreaded 'costs'. Huhne has been hit with a £100K bill and Vicky is looking at £50K approx. This is an unusual treat for the authorities - normally they can't get their costs paid because the crim has no money, least on paper the crim has no money - the swag stashed in Spain doesn't count.

Since Huhne is worth about £5M the costs won't hurt him too hard. Somewhat unfortunately the lesser crim, arguably the victim really, Vicky, may find it harder to raise the cash.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Co-op bank going down

Ratings agency Moody's has downgraded the Co-operative Bank to "junk" status.

Last month the Co-op tried to buy 632 branches from Lloyds Bank and was planning to resurrect the old TSB (Trustee Savings Bank) brand. However that deal collapsed. In retrospect it looks like an attempt to make itself "too big to fail" which didn't quite come off.

The Co-op owns two UK major entities: Smile Bank and the Britannia Building Society. Between them they have several million UK customers who around about now will be wondering where to move their money to. This blog reckons Northern Rock should be safe!  (Just kidding!)

However, if you're feeling very brave indeed, now could also be a buying opportunity. The Co-op (although mutual, not shareholder-owned) has preference shares traded on the London Stock Exchange. You could buy some of these (LSE:CPBB) and lock in close to a 9% yield forever more.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Now then, now then

In the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile affair it is really getting quite difficult to keep with all the famous names being implicated in perverted sexual offending. We now have quite a list and only time will tell us which of these are monsters and which are themselves victims of malicious allegations and trigger-happy police. Odds are good that some of them are completely innocent.

Freddie Starr, suspected hamster-eater and singer, arrested, bailed, re-arrested on suspicion of molesting a 14-year-old girl.

Jimmy Tarbuck, fat comedian, arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse of a boy. His daughter Lisa is also fat. May answer if you call 020 7769 8965.

Gary Glitter, leader of the gang, already done time for underage sex offences and back in the frame again.

Eddy Shah, founder of the Today newspaper, currently being tried for six counts of rape of a girl under 16.

Max Clifford, kiss-and-tell merchant, arrested and charged on 13 counts of indecent assault, some on under-aged girls.

Jim Davidson, notorious Tory and comedian, arrested but no-one knows for what, but no-one likes him so that's alright.

Rolf Harris, singer, cartoonist and suspected Australian, arrested on suspicion of kangaroo bondage. Two "little boys" are helping with the investigation.

Dave Lee Travis, DJ and suspected cornflake, arrested on suspicion of jiggling a woman's breasts.

Nigel Evans, MP and Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, arrested on suspicion of double male rape. He denies this categorically and it seems likely the allegation is completely spurious but he's an obvious homosexual and they are fair game.

Benny Hill, comedian and notorious woman chaser, or did they chase him - I can't remember - anyway he's dead so he can't be nicked.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The big question

Today voters in the English counties are going to polls to elect 27 county councils, two city mayors and one new MP (to replace David Miliband who is flouncing off to the USA.) There is no voting in London, nor outside England.

Obviously Labour will retain South Shields, Milipede's old seat. The mayors are irrelevant. The big question is: how will UKIP fare? Is today their big break-through?

Today is the day that everything could change. Our LibDem-Tory government could be be given the message loud and clear that the voters have given up on them and they are officially lame ducks - in office but not by the will of the people.

That said, we won't actually know until tomorrow.

(The BNP are standing slightly over a hundred candidates. It will also be interesting to see how they fare.)