Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Romanians have arrived

On Jan 1st Nigel "Keith" Vaz MP, a naturalised immigrant from the Yemen visited Luton airport to check out the hordes of arriving Romanians and Bulgars and found only one - a Romanian already so settled in this country that he had a criminal record for domestic violence.

Sadly five young girls in Peterborough (ages as young as 12) had closer and more prolonged contact with five Romanians as they were raped 18 times over the course of several months.

Zdeno Mirga, 18, Hassan Abdulla, 33, and three other males who cannot be named because they are under 18 have been convicted of gang rape and other sexual offences at the Old Bailey. The Crown Prosecution Service said it was one of the "worst cases" of child sex abuse it had seen - and it has seen some bad ones. Sentences will be passed next month. (The crown court is building up a backlog of sentencing for serious cases because the ECHR is considering whether the British "life sentence" is actually lawful, since a "lifer" has no real idea how long they will serve in prison - it's almost never the rest of their life though.)

Here are pictures of the two subhumans we are allowed to identify....

Paedophile rapists: Zdeno Mirga (L), 18, and Hassan Abdulla (R), 33
There are though two sorts of Romanian - Roma and Not-Roma. The Roma (also known as gypsies) are reviled in Romania for their criminal ways and disgusting personal habits. All the members of this rape gang are Roma.

For contrast here are some pictures of Not-Roma Romanians...

Cristina Rad: Noted Romanian blogger and speaker

Angela Gheorghiu: Romanian opera singer

Any consideration of the merits of immigration from Romania would have to factor in the distinction between the two types of Romanian. Sadly both the ladies above have found it difficult to travel to the West to practise their respective metiers, speaking and singing, tarred of course by the other type of Romanian.

Did I mention the two types hate each other?

The BBC has attempted its usual inept cover up of immigrants behaving badly by giving far more prominence to the on-going trial for rape of an English Coronation Street actor. (Corry being a programme from a rival TV station so most acceptable as a distraction for the public.)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Increasing the minimum wage

The Tories are considering promising a rise in the national minimum wage (NMW) as part of their general election bribes to the electorate.

It's a typical government bribe, in that someone else will be paying for it. Usually it's the taxpayer who pays for his own bribe. This time, unusually, employers would foot the bill so it's a cash transfer down the social spectrum - money would move from the rich (company owners) to the poor (workers.)

The current adult minimum wage is £6.31 per hour and the thinking is they might go up as high as £7. (The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has the living wage at £8.81 in London and £7.65 outside London.)

Which begs the question: how do people on minimum wage actually stay alive? The answer is simple. They claim benefits. About half the people claiming Housing Benefit are in work. And on top of HB they may be eligible for Tax Credits. TCs are paid to people in work. Although the name seems to imply some sort of tax refund, far more can be claimed than was ever paid in tax - it's a straight benefit despite the name. In fact it's two benefits: working tax credits (WTC) and child tax credit (CTC). Also for those with children comes Child Benefit.

A low paid family in work can more than double their income by claiming benefits. A family making twice the national average wage (say £50,000 per year) can still be getting some benefits if they have enough children.

What happens is that employers pay the lowest wage they legally can (ie, the national minimum wage) and the taxpayer makes up the difference. By this means the high volume/low pay employers such as the supermarkets, service companies, etc, are effectively subsidised by the taxpayer.

This blog is all in favour of putting up the minimum wage. Put it up to £10 per hour! Put it up to an amount that means employers are paying the entire cost of employing their staff. This would massively reduce the tax burden on the country.

Some of the savings from increasing the minimum wage should be recycled back to employers in the form of tax cuts. Specifically the employers' National Insurance contributions should be abolished, and Business Rates should be abolished. Both of these are taxes on jobs and should be got rid of.