Wednesday, 30 April 2014

BNP euro election broadcast

The euro elections are on the 22nd of May and like all parties standing candidates the BNP is entitled to TV election broadcasts. These were shown yesterday, unfortunately the various TV channels involved saw fit to censor the tape with a lot of beeping and some parts they just refused to show at all and Simon Darby (press officer) had to fill in with a voice-over.

However, you can view the uncensored film below or on the BNP web site .

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Ukip posters "racist"

The treacherous rabble of the LibLabCon who have for decade after decade betrayed the British people are now squealing that Ukip is putting up racist posters.

They are doing this because they have nowhere else to go; they have no counter-arguments; nothing to offer, and a track-record which does not bear scrutiny. So they call racist.

Well, let's look at these posters and see just how racist they are.

Here's one....

Some racism there? I don't see any mention of black people, or brown people. And most Europeans are white, so objecting to EU immigration can hardly be racist.

Let's try another poster...

It's "Your country needs you!" all over again. (The WWI recruitment poster featuring Lord Kitchener.) But racist? Hardly, no mention of race at all.

Now let's look at a Tory poster...

Oo-er! Not coloured neighbours! Thank Heavens for the Tory Ministry of Repatriation, they will save us. (OK, it is a poster from the 1964 general election, but still...)

Needless to say, the BBC is giving this alleged racism maximum prominence.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Manjoo go home

A UN bigwig called Rashida Manjoo has come to the UK and started mouthing off about how we are all terribly sexist.

Manjoo: See no evil (at home)
Maybe we have room for improvement, but why is Manjoo here? She's from South Africa, a prof at Cape Town University.

Let's remind ourselves of some numbers. The reported rape rate in the UK is 23 per 100,000 people per year. In South Africa it's more than 123 per 100,000 people per year! South Africa is the rape capital of the world and this woman has the cheek to come here and lecture us.

She needs to get home and sort out her own country.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Inflation is down

Good news, CPI inflation has fallen in March to 1.6%, down from 1.7% in February. This is well below the BoE's target of 2%.

Bad news, RPI inflation was 2.5% in March, admittedly down from 2.7% in February.

Other news, HPI (house price inflation) was 9.1% in March, up from 6.8% in February.

However since HPI is not a component of CPI it does not make the figures the government relies on look bad.

We will see the wages growth number tomorrow and plenty of people think that it will actually be higher than CPI, which would mean real wages are finally rising, which is a real prerequisite for the economy to grow.

Of course we still have our record national debt, our record personal debt, our record balance of trade deficit, our record low savings ratio and our record low base rates. But we shouldn't let all that detract from the good news.

Also, the only reason inflation is down is because sterling has gone up and made our imports cheaper.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Nigel Evans acquitted

When allegations first surfaced about Nigel Evans, MP, Deputy Speaker of the Commons, even this blog expressed doubt that there was any substance to the suggestion of homosexual rape times two. When it went to trial this blog was amazed.

Now of course he has been acquitted on all counts.

During the trial, of the seven "victims", three claimed no crime had taken place and one even sent supportive messages to Mr Evans. One called him an "all round good egg."

The CPS seem to have gone mad on this case. Early on they obviously realised they had a weak case. They went for a trawl through the history books, dragging up incidents that happened ten years ago, trying to make up in evidential quantity what they lacked in quality.

The prosecution was led by senior treasury counsel. There are only about eight of these QCs and they are normally reserved for murder and terrorism cases. Mr Evans was put to considerable personal expense assembling a legal team anywhere near as high-powered as the CPS had. A massive number of police officers were also assigned to the case.

It is not obvious why the CPS were so determined to nail Mr Evans; possibly simple homophobia. But it is clear there needs to be a root and branch reform of the service so this sort thing can never happen again.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Maria Miller resigns tactically

Culture Secretary Maria Miller resigned her cabinet position this morning. The media has been gunning for Miller since her perfunctory 32 second apology to parliament for fiddling expenses last Thursday was deemed inadequate.

Miller toughed it out for most of a week. And yet today she resigns and gets a nice letter from the Prime Minister suggesting she will be back in the cabinet before long.

Can it be that the timing of her resignation was chosen to wrong-foot Miliband at PMQs? Miliband must have been preparing broadsides for the PM for days now, and then with a couple of hours to go before PMQs his fox is shot and he has nothing to gripe about.

That's politics for you.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Operation Trojan Horse

Birmingham City council seems to have come into possession of a blueprint used by Salafi muslims to take over an area.

Schools with a substantial muslim attendance are targeted. They first get people onto the school board then start a campaign against the Head Teacher, for example anonymously suggesting he or she is encouraging cheating. The Head Teacher is investigated, school exam results are cancelled. Outside bodies get involved and investigations start. In due course the HT is exonerated, but by then a new rumour has been started -  the HT is teaching muslim children Christian prayers. More investigations. Eventually he or she can take it no more and retires or moves to a school in a different area.

Now there is vacancy at the top. The board must meet to select a replacement. But wait, hard line muslims have already packed the board. The new man is not properly qualified; he cannot speak English properly, but he is a Salafi muslim. Henceforce all recruits to the school will be muslims. The school's multi-million pound tax-payer-provided budget is now at the disposal of extremist muslims.

It seems in Birmingham twelve schools have fallen to Islam in this way and the documents obtained by the council suggest moving on to Bradford and Manchester. 

The Cameron dilemma

This is the Cameron Dilemma: an employee is put on a zero-hours contract. Should he stay in the job and starve, or quit the job and then be unable to get benefits because he left a job voluntarily?