Friday, 28 August 2015

Don't be sorry for dead migrants

Just outside Vienna, Austria, there is a lorry parked by the side of the road with approx 70 dead migrants in it. Police are not certain exactly how many bodies because they have decomposed and presumably turned into a sort of human soup. The smell can only be imagined. Another thing that can only be imagined is what the driver thought when he stopped to let his migrants out and discovered they had all died. Not surprisingly he did a runner and has not yet been found. He probably hasn't finished throwing up!

Human soup

Also, just off the coast of Libya two boats carrying migrants have sunk; 500 people have drowned and a couple of hundred survived. The drowned were locked in the holds below decks while the survivors, who undoubtedly paid more for the privilege, were carried above.

This is all bad news, and not just for the dead wanna-be illegals. It will engender sympathy and might open doors which should remain closed.

Europe is currently being invaded by two sorts of people: "refugees" who claim they are coming because they are unsafe in their own lands, and "economic migrants" who make no bones about the fact they are coming because they will be richer here than there.

We should reject both categories. First consider the refugees. It is a fundamental principle of asylum seeking that the seeker should travel to the nearest safe place; the optimum choice being a safe place inside their own country. The UK does not neighbour any unsafe country so any refugee trying to come here would have to pass through a safe country - which is where they should stop. All applications for asylum in the UK should be refused without further consideration. By definition there can be no valid claims. 

Most economic migrants should also be refused; especially the self-selected ones who push through borders. They bring no capital, and they bring no skills we do not already have. And we do have at least five million un- or under-employed people who need jobs and could be trained to do useful work. It is senseless to import workers while we have "spare" people. Even if these pushy migrants do get jobs we will still have to support our native unemployed who will then have even less chance of getting a job.

And one suspects most of the heaving masses at Calais will never be a net asset to the country. Their mere presence imposes a cost; they occupy roads, houses, their children take school places, they and their children swell GP and dentist lists and take hospital beds. They will also take up scarce prison places because they are far more criminally inclined than the native population. In fact they are selected for criminality because they came here illegally in the first place.

That is not to say there should be no inward migration. Isolating the UK technologically and culturally from the rest of the world would be not be good. We have been isolated before, at certain times during the Middle Ages when our king had fallen out with other kings, and the quality of our architecture and art from those times is noticeably poorer than the rest of Europe. But it is not swarthy young men from the East pushing down fences who keep the UK at the cutting edge. It's Ivy Leaguers arriving on business class flights we actually need. They have capital to invest or skills to teach.

The country is bursting at the seams. There is congestion and shortage everywhere: housing, schools, medical resources, public transport. Of our (supposedly) 62 million population 8 million were born abroad. And of course many more are born of those born abroad. 

And those are only the ones we can count. Illegals are by definition difficult to count. Some say we have a much higher population. Milk consumption data can be informative. The supermarkets know how much milk the average person consumes, and they know how much milk they sell, and a total population in excess of 70 million is indicated.

Much the same is true over the pond. The usually quoted number is 12 million illegals in the USA. But in her recent book ¡Adios America! Ann Coulter calculates the true number to be between 30 and 40 million. In both the UK and USA governments really do not want the people to know the extent to which they have failed.

And talking of failed countries, consider Macedonia. They had the "Calais situation" without the benefit of twenty miles of water. They put up a fight for a few days but their border fell.

Defending the Macedonian border
Failing to defend the Macedonian border
This is what happens when you fail in the most fundamental task of a country - defending your borders. Your country gets taken by others; others who have wrecked their own countries and are now coming here to wreck ours.
Macedonian plan B is to ship the invaders as fast possible to the far side of their country (hence the free train rides) so they can be passed on to Western Europe.

So harden your hearts when you hear of migrant deaths on the roads or at sea. These people are invaders and deserve little sympathy. Individually they will tell you a tale of woe; collectively they will dispossess you of your homeland.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Scientists grow human brain

Scientists from the Ohio State University have grown a human brain from skins cells they found in a cemetery. However the brain is only the size of a pea and cannot grow any bigger because it has no blood supply.



Chief Scientist, Dr F Stein, said, "Due to its small size we believe it's the brain of a socialist. Scans indicate it is mainly thinking about spending other people's money."

Asked if it would be possible to grow a more responsible right-wing brain, Dr Stein replied, "Yes, but we would need to grow it a heart as well."

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Trump immigration policy

Wanna-be President, Donald J Trump, has published his immigration policy. You can read it here:

It's pretty radical: build a wall across the Mexican border - which the Mexicans have to pay for! End birthright citizenship; deport all immigrants who commit crimes...

all good stuff. Perhaps when he's done sorting out the USA he can come over here and fix Calais.

Places not to visit


Sadly, the bombing in Bangkok will prove effective in its real goal and Western tourists will stay away in their numberless droves.

And there is really no way a country can defend itself against the lone bomber. Possibly in a hyper-vigilant Western nation someone would have noticed the bag left unattended by a yellow-shirted man at the Erawan shine in a posh sector of Bangkok, but probably not, or not soon enough. In the USA there may have been metal detectors and security guards at the shrine. In the UK almost certainly not.

Incidentally the shirt colour may be significant. The country is polarised into "red shirts" and "yellow shirts". The "reds" are rural, lefty, poor; the "yellows" urban and richer.

The real aim of bombing tourists in a shrine or machine gunning them on a beach is to undermine the government by removing a significant source of hard currency funding which leads to more unemployed people, hence more disaffected people and more recruits for anti-regime causes. Tourists are easily scared and have a lot of other options.

And what can the government do? Oppressive security will keep tourists away almost as much as terrorism. Some countries do successfully operate safe tourist enclaves in otherwise violent lands. Mexico is murder capital of the Americas but beach holidays are safe because the army protects the multi-billion dollar income stream by isolating tourist zones.

So, bad news Thailand. Memories will fade over time, but billions will be lost first.

Macroeconomic tangled web

The Chinese stock markets have been on a prolonged slide, falling fairly consistently over the last three months, although with occasional "dead cat" bounces as the Beijing government intervenes to boost share prices - initially just by ordering large shareholders not to sell (it's a totalitarian regime, remember) and most recently by devaluing the yuan.

The underlying cause is a hideous mess of macroeconomic interactions across the world. QE in the Eurozone back in February and Japanese QE before that boosted the relative value of US dollar where QE was being tapered just as others were getting started. The Chinese yuan is loosely pegged to the dollar and so its value was dragged up as well, which impacted Chinese exports. Naturally Chinese investors were selling up in China with a view to moving their money somewhere safer, ie the UK and the USA; an order from the Chinese government to stay put and suck up the loses was not reassuring.

Lowering the value of the yuan is easily done. The Chinese set a new value for the yuan vs the dollar every day - the peg is very loose indeed. In one stroke they robbed investors in China of five percent of their assets and removed future incentive to decamp to a safer place. Generally people do not bother locking the door after the horse has gone, and this horse may actually come creeping back over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately devaluing the yuan just pushes the problem back on the rest of the world. At the moment all the G7 countries are attempting "export-led" recoveries. There's a fairly obvious problem with that plan. We can't all be net exporters. For one country to be a net exported another has to be a net importer.

There is another problem. China wants the yuan to be a "reserve" currency like the dollar is and also sterling to a lesser extent. This is more of a prestige thing than any real benefit to China although there is clout to be gained when the world saves in a currency you can magic out of thin air. The US dollar is so popular with the rest of the world that American can print more and more dollars (and spend them on themselves of course) and nothing bad happens domestically. If you try that and your currency is not a reserve currency your name is probably Zimbabwe.

But for your currency to be a reserve currency you must operate a net importer economic model. Foreigners must be able to sell you stuff and get your currency without having to buy stuff from you and give your money back. That way they can keep some of your currency to trade around the world. China is not and cannot be a net importer. Without exports they are nowhere. The great China boom was based on exports. With exports stripped out their economy is much smaller.

So the world is locked in a battle of competitive devaluation with everyone trying to be cheaper than everyone else and America ending up as the buyer who never says no. This means America has and will live high on the hog for decades but one day all the dollars overseas will come home and try to wipe them out.

At which point President Trump will build a wall.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


The human genome consists of 24,000 genes (approx) half inherited from your mother and half from your father (again, approximately.)

So your parents each gave you 12,000 genes, your grand-parents (of whom there were four) each gave you 6,000 genes; your great grand-parents (8) contributed 3,000 each, and so on back through the generations.

But if we go back 300 or 400 years, say 15 generations, then each of your 32,768 ancestors contributed less than one gene to your make-up, ie zero genes, so some of them are not really your ancestors at all.

There are a couple of exceptions...

If you are male then you have a Y chromosome containing 45 genes. You got this from your father (obviously, since your mother didn't have one) and he got it from his father in an unbroken chain back through the generations to the dawn of time, ie, whenever the current genetic set up was started.

There are also 13 mitochondrial genes. Both male and female have these but they are inherited only from the mother so also form an unbroken chain into the past.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Camila Batmanghelidjh: what is it?

Behold this exotic creature...'s a cuttlefish. It dines on crabs, which it catches by mesmerising them with a hypnotic display of bright colours. The poor crab watches in awe for a minute or so until a tentacle lashes out and grabs it. Too late the crab realises it has been suckered (quite literally!) and then it's dead.

Here is another exotic creature...'s a charidee collector. It dines on politicians, which it catches with a mesmorising display of clothing it has made itself. The poor politician is backed against a wall at a "do" and is told about the suffering of "deprived kids" and forced to hand over millions of pounds.

Of course neither creature is actually a fish; they are molluscs, although the Camila Batmanghelidjh  baffles scientists who are unable to agree on an exact classification. All agree though that the dress is fundamental to its feeding habits, tricking politicians that it might be an ethnic costume and therefore racist to say no.

The Camila Batmanghelidjh is native to Iran but mainly found in the UK, at least since 1974 when it moved here. The British climate has proved agreeable to the Camila and, with no natural predators, it has devoured hundreds of millions of pounds. But sadly a native species eventually got the measure of it; the Civil Servant has choked off its food supply.

So the politician is saved. Although, to be fair, the politician was never in any real  danger since it was spending some else's money.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Sir Edward Heath next in frame

Tory PM from 1970 to 1974,  "Ted" Heath, sometimes known as "the Incredible Sulk" because after being deposed as party leader by Margaret Thatcher he refused to go to the Lords and sat on a high bench in the Commons glowering down at Maggie, is next up for paedophile allegations.

Birds of a feather
In fact paedo allegations have surrounded Heath for years, including the suggestion that he was a regular visitor at paedo-brothel Haut de la Garenne in Jersey. (Jimmy Savile sued the Sun newspaper when they revealed he had visited the "boys' home". He was obliged to stay his action when a photo turned up of him surrounded by boys at the home.)

Barrister Michael Shrimpton QC has claimed that Ted Heath used to moor his yacht Morning Cloud at Jersey in order to enjoy the company of boys aged 12 to 15 from the home. These boys were subsequently murdered to keep them quiet. (That  said, Shrimpton has a history of dubious claims and nobody would take him seriously if he weren't a barrister.)

Most likely Heath was just an occasional homosexual paedophile at a time when homosexuality was illegal and paedopilia was not something the public even believed existed.

Monday, 3 August 2015

The cuckoo principle

Until yesterday the USA was unique in one respect: it was the only country in the world where illegal immigrants march in the street demanding their 'rights'. Not their actual rights, but new rights, the right to be in a country they entered illegally.

You would think that illegals marching and chanting would be a magnet for police who could round them up and deport en masse. But apparently in America that doesn't happen. And now it doesn't happen in Europe either. Last night saw the hoards at Calais breaking down fences and chanting, "Open the door and let us in."

About 70% of them actually make it in eventually. Once here they are entitled to a hotel room and three cooked meals a day, and until this week, a payment of £36 per week for other expenses.

When questioned about why they want to come to the UK they answer two things: 1) my friends and family are already in the UK, and 2) the UK is much more generous than other countries when it comes to benefits. It seems they try other countries, eg Italy and France, but decide to move on. Some of them even have a lawful right to remain in other EU countries but destroy their paperwork and set out for the UK. Answer (1) of course is merely a symptom of previous failures to police our borders properly.

Anyone who thinks it would a good idea to let them in should consider the chart below:

World population chart

It's clear what we are seeing now is a serious population shift. The world's population is doubling every 40 years and the surplus people from other places are now trying to take our lands, although, ironically, their countries of origin have lower population densities than Western Europe, and especially the UK. (The UK has twice the population density of China.)

However the native population of the UK is static. Left to our own devices we would not over populate our island. But we are being swamped by immigrants. Our future as a nation is threatened by this invasion; both because the land cannot support the increased numbers, and because the immigrants are by their nature fast and careless breeders. Even in "the Jungle", the makeshift camp at Calais, babies are being born. The concept of waiting, or only having the children you can afford is meaningless to them. They work on the cuckoo principle of forcing others to support them and their children.

Denying them entrance and deporting them if they manage to get in is not heartless - it's survival.