Tuesday 8 March 2022

Ukraine: Why do Nationalists seem like they're supporting Putin?

The Russians have invaded the Ukraine and by all, entirely believable, accounts are brutalizing the civilians, and yet among Nationalists there is an undercurrent of support for the invaders. Why?!


Volodymr Zelensky: President of Ukraine 


What could persuade right-thinking people to give the Russians the time of day, when this is clearly a case of East versus West, and Good versus Evil?

The answer is, that while Russia is clearly a dictatorship, the Ukraine is, less obviously, a dictatorship as well. The energetic Zelensky is not the clean-cut democratically elected leader the Western media portrays him as. He is a puppet of the rootless cabal which also controls the US State Department, and most of Western media.

Let us remind ourselves how Zelensky came to power, after a career as a popular TV comedian.

In 2014 the Ukrainian president was Viktor Yanukovch, a man who had previously been Prime Minister, and was East-aligned, favoring closer ties with Russia over the European Union. 

In January 2014 Yanukovch was violently removed from office by a series of demonstrations in central Kyiv (then known as Kiev) which included the allegation that police snipers were shooting demonstrators. Why the police would even have snipers isn't clear. Who they were working for is also obscure. The so-called Revolution of Dignity was organized and funded by an outfit called the Project for a New American Century which also managed the 2011 Arab Spring, under contract from the US State Department.

The coup-d'etat brought into power a businessman called Petro Poroschenko (known as the "Chocolate King" because he owned a confectionary factory) who became president and started signing  deals with the European Union. At this time the Eastern provinces of Donetsk and Luhansh tried to secede and a hot war ensued with the Kyiv regime - most remembered for the shooting down of the Malaysia Airline's flight MH17; probably by a Russian missile unit trying to assist the separatists who didn't have an air force and were getting regularly attacked from the air by Kyiv.

At this time, Russia annexed the Crimea in order to retain access to a deep water port (Sevastopol) in the Black Sea, without which Russia would have lost all access to the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile Zelenky was a TV comedian until 2019 when he ran for the presidency against Poroschenko and won with 73% of the popular vote. Zelensky appeared on a TV station controlled by a Ukrainian billionaire: Ihor Kolomoyshi, and even played the president in a fictional context. Later the fictional party Zelensky played the leader of, Servant of the People, became the name of his real party.

Ihor Kolomoyshi is banned from entering the United States. The reason given is that he corruptly enriched himself, and posed a serious threat to the future of the Ukraine. 

It seems clear Zelensky is beholden to Kolomoyshyi - to put it politely. 

Once in power, Zelensky lost no time appearing in the Panama Papers which list off-shore and hidden wealth.

He also arrested and tried to lock up the former president Poroschenko.

President Biden's connection with the Ukraine is well documented. His son Hunter was on a $50,000 per month salary from a Ukrainian oil company called Burisma Holdings, despite Hunter not speaking the language or knowing anything about the oil business. Burisma is owned by yet another Ukrainian oligarch called Mykola Zlochevsky. 

In 2014 Mykola Zlochevsky was forced to flee the Ukraine ahead of fraud charges. He wired money out of the country (to Cyprus) using a bank owned by Ihor Kolomoyshi. In the UK Zlochevsky's bank accounts were frozen by fraud investigators for a couple of years, although the case against him eventually collapsed.

The Ukraine it seems has been kicked around like a football in recent years. First the cabal engineered a split from Russia and installed Poroschenko (2014). Then in 2019 they ousted Poroschenko and installed someone they directly controlled in the form of Zelensky. (Poroschenko was rich, but not a member of the cabal.)

Both these events have provoked a response from Putin. First he took the Crimea, and now he is trying to taken the entire south coast, which will give him the prize of Odessa - a major port on the Black Sea. He is applying a Russian equivalent to the American Monroe Doctrine. The Americans will not allow a  threat too close to their shores (cf: Cuban Missile Crisis) and nor will the Russians. So they are responding to the seizure of the Ukraine by invasion. They don't want the Ukraine becoming the West's front line, with NATO soldiers an easy walk from the Russian border.

Notwithstanding the hardships of ordinary Ukrainians who are being bombed out of their homes; the Russians do have a point.

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